Thursday, June 18, 2020

Missing Black Lives Matter

There has been an ongoing discussion on my Tumblr blog about how cases of missing black men, woman and children do not receive equal attention from both detectives and the media. Studies have shown that recovery efforts for missing people increases if there is a larger amount of media coverage on the missing person. However, studies also show that there is a clear racial bias in the media when it comes to covering cases of missing persons--and numerous findings have confirmed that cases of missing white people receive more media coverage than cases of missing people of color. (source)
In an effort to spread awareness about missing black women, men, and children, I have compiled a (growing) list of unsolved cases in the US involving missing black people that have been covered on this blog. Links to full write-ups and active GoFundMe pages, petitions, Facebook pages and/or flyers connected to the cases are provided as well. Please share, sign the petitions, and/or donate to the GoFundMe pages if you can. The lives of these missing black individuals and their families MATTER! They deserve justice and answers. Feel free to send me other cases that you would like to have added to the list. 

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