Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The Disappearance of Christina Voltaire

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22-year-old Christina Voltaire vanished during the evening of January 8th, 2011. She was last seen at her apartment in Winter Haven, Florida, where she lived while she was studying nuclear medicine at Keiser University. Christina lived by herself at the apartment, but she knew at least one other person who lived at the complex: Charles Pierre-Gilles. Charles is also the brother of Christina’s ex-boyfriend Dieuseul Pierre-Gilles.
On the day Christina vanished, Charles’ car broke down so he asked Christina if he could borrow hers. Christina agreed, and Charles went to her apartment to get her keys. When he got there, Charles said that Christina was laying on her bed in a black robe and doing homework. She didn’t speak of any plans to go out that night—in fact, Christina told Charles that she wasn’t feeling well. 
However, when Charles returned to her apartment 45 minutes later, Christina was gone. The robe she was wearing was left lying on the bed and there were no signs of a struggle in the apartment. Charles thought that she had just stepped out for a minute, and he decided to wait for her. After hours passed with no sign of her, Charles reported Christina missing.
Charles was very cooperative throughout the investigation. Christina’s ex/Charles's brother Dieuseul, on the other hand, refused to speak with investigators and immediately hired a lawyer. Dieuseul did speak to the media, though. He told reporters that he and Christina had broken up almost a year earlier, after he found out that he wasn’t the father of her infant daughter. Her daughter unfortunately passed away of undetermined causes around the time they broke up.
Police have not named any persons of interest in Christina’s disappearance. Prior to vanishing, Christina told her father that Dieuseul was aggressive, and she was afraid of him. Christina’s mother stated that she felt Christina had to choose between Dieuseul and Charles, however Charles denies having a romantic relationship with her.
Christina remains missing today. The investigation into her disappearance is still open. If you have any information that could help lead to her whereabouts, please contact the Winter Haven Police Department at 863-291-5858.

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