Sunday, July 9, 2023

The Disappearance and Death of Taalibah Islam

Taalibah Islam vanished at the age of 20 on January 16th, 2006. She was last seen in Fort Worth, Texas by her boyfriend and father of her infant son, Christopher Revill. After her disappearance, Revill dropped their 3-month-old son off at a relative of Taalibah’s. He said that he and Taalibah got into an argument, and that she got into a vehicle driven by someone he didn’t know and rode away.

Taalibah’s family has long suspected that Revill is responsible for her disappearance. Her family said that Revill had been abusive towards Taalibah in the past, however police found no evidence of this, nor did they find any concrete evidence that linked Revill to Taalibah’s disappearance due to a lack of crime scene.

As years passed with no sign of Taalibah, her family continued to suspect that Revill had killed her. These suspicions were only strengthened over ten years later on October 11th, 2016, when Revill was arrested for kidnapping his new girlfriend—Typhenie Johnson (25). 

Revill claimed that he was innocent of these charges. However, when investigators asked Revill what happened to Typhenie, he answered with the exact thing he said about Taalibah ten years ago: that they had gotten into an argument, and she got into a vehicle driven by someone he didn’t know and rode away. A write-up on Typhenie’s case can be found here.

Image result for christopher revill
Revill's mugshot after his arrest in Typhenie's case

Revill went to trial for kidnapping Typhenie in 2019. He was ultimately found guilty. However, Revill still denied having any involvement in Taalibah's case.

 Taalibah remained missing for years until March of 2023, when human remains were found in Fort Worth. It took months, but in June of 2023, those remains were identified as that of Taalibah Islam. 

The death is currently under investigation. 

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