Saturday, March 9, 2019

The Disappearance of Delecia Waddy

Delecia Waddy has been missing since March 9th, 2017. Then then-24-year-old was last seen at a campground at Kings Dominion, an amusement park located in Doswell, Virginia. While there, Delecia tried to bargain for a space at the campground but was turned down. She subsequently left the park around 11:30 AM.

The next morning, Delecia’s car was found abandoned near the campground. It had a tank full of gas and appeared to be in working order. Her cellular phone, purse, wallet, driver’s license and some other belongings were found scattered behind Meadow Event Park, near her abandoned vehicle.

Shortly after these findings, a search was launched for Delecia. That search was very short lived; it was called off after witnesses said they saw her walking in a field off Route 30 in Caroline County, Virginia. Her scent was also tracked by dogs at a home in that area. A few days later, on March 12th, an acquaintance who did not know Delecia was missing at the time spotted her in Richmond, Virginia.

After these sightings, police said that they did not believe Delecia was in danger—despite the fact that they never actually located her. She also has not contacted her loved ones or accessed her social media accounts since her disappearance. If Delecia is, in fact, voluntarily missing, it is unclear why she would abandon her vehicle, which was in good condition. It is also unclear how her personal belongings became scattered in the nearby park.

Even though police believe that the sightings of Delecia shortly after her disappearance are credible, they have yet to elaborate on how they believe Delecia arrived in Richmond—which is located over 25 miles away from Doswell—without her vehicle. It is very unlikely that she got there on foot, so if she actually was in Richmond on March 12th, somebody had to have helped her get there.

This leads to a whole new set of questions: Did somebody pick her up? If so, who? How was she able to contact someone for a ride without her phone? Did she hitchhike? Was she somehow able to take public transportation without her wallet?

Now that Delecia has been missing for several years, fears for her safety have increased. Her case is still open, and her family is desperately hoping for answers. If you have any information about Delecia’s whereabouts, please contact Morse Investigations at (888) 756-6825.

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