Saturday, January 11, 2020

The Disappearance of Jared Chavis

19-year-old Jared Chavis, circa 2017.

Jared uploaded the picture on the left to his Facebook page on December 26th, 2017. He was going through an exciting time in his life at this point—he had recently completed ten months in the Air Force and was now pursuing work as a technician. Jared also had recently relocated from his hometown in Louisiana to Houston, Texas. He moved in with his father’s niece and began to search for work opportunities in the Houston area. By all accounts, it appeared that Jared’s future was headed in a positive direction. With all of this in mind, Jared’s family and friends were shocked to learn that Jared seemingly vanished into thin air on January 12th, 2018.
On the evening Jared was last seen, he spoke to his mother on the phone around 9pm. Less than two hours later, Jared was last seen getting into vehicle at the 8800 block of Westheimer Road in Houston. The car was driven by a man known only by the nickname ‘Bolt Suave’. According to police, Jared was riding in the back seat of the car, and he got into an argument with ‘Bolt Suave’ at some point during the drive. The verbal argument eventually escalated to shots being fired. Witnesses told police that Jared never exited the vehicle. He has never been seen or heard from again. ‘Bolt Suave’ has allegedly been on the run ever since the incident occurred.
Investigators have not commented on whether or not Jared was wounded or killed by the gunfire that occurred in the car. They are also remaining silent about other details of the case in order to protect the investigation. However, ‘Bolt Suave’ has been named as a person of interest in the case and police are actively looking for both him and Jared.
A $10000 reward is being offered for any information that could help the case. If you have any information that could lead to their whereabouts, please contact the Houston Police Department at 832-394-1840.

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