Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Disappearance of Jasmaine Smith

Jasmaine Smith was last seen by her family on June 5th, 2015. That day, 22-year-old Jasmaine joined her family at their home in Farrell, Pennsylvania to celebrate her younger sister’s high school graduation. Jasmaine’s loved ones have not seen or heard from her since she left the party.

It is unknown if Jasmine ever made it back to her own home in Warren, Ohio. It is uncharacteristic of Jasmaine to be out of touch with her family. They finally reported her missing on June 29th, after weeks of being unable to get ahold of her.

A month and a half after Jasmaine vanished, another young girl from Warren disappeared: 18-year-old Alesha Bell. Just a few weeks later, Alesha’s remains were found at the home of 40-year-old James Brooks, a man who was known to be running a drug and sex trafficking ring. Brooks later plead guilty to charges related to Alesha’s death—a write up on her case can be found here. 

Jasmaine’s family said that Jasmaine knew Brooks, and they think it is possible that he is involved in her disappearance. Brooks has never been charged in relation to Jasmaine’s disappearance, however Jasmaine’s family fears she may have fallen victim to his sex trafficking ring. Authorities also believe that foul play was involved in her case.

Jasmaine remains missing today. If you have any information about her/her disappearance, you can report anonymously to (330) 841-2658.

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