Tuesday, August 2, 2022

The Disappearance of Ciara Stacho

Ciara Stacho has been missing since August 7th, 2015. The then-16-year-old was a frequent runaway, and authorities believe that she left on her own accord. Ciara had actually run away from her Inkster, Michigan home weeks earlier, but had been keeping in touch with her loved ones both through text message and through social media. 
In early August 2015, Ciara texted her mother to tell her that she was ready to come home. Her mother was excited for her daughter’s return, but Ciara never showed up as planned. All additional contact between Ciara and her loved ones ceased on August 7th, 2015. This was also the last time that Ciara accessed her social media pages.

Despite her runaway status, Ciara’s family and friends have grown concerned about her safety since she has never been out of touch for this long. Now that years have passed without any sign of Ciara; her loved ones fear the worst. Unfortunately, Ciara's mother unexpectedly passed away in November 2021. She died without ever learning what happened to her daughter.

Ciara's loved ones are still desperately working to solve her case. If you have any information that may help, please contact the Inkster Police Department at 313-563-9850.

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