Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Disappearance of Alexis Scott

Alexis Scott (20) disappeared from Peoria, Illinois on September 22nd, 2017.

After a night of partying began to die down, Alexis was invited to continue at an afterparty downtown. A cab driver dropped Alexis off at a house on Richmond Avenue at 5:15am. The cab driver later told police that a man greeted Alexis at the cab’s door and paid her fare. This is apparently the last official confirmed sighting of her. According to her missing poster, “there is no conclusive evidence that she ever left the residence, but [she] hasn’t been seen since.” Her family reported her missing after she failed to return home, as it was uncharacteristic for her to leave her loved ones, namely her 2 year old son, behind.

After the news of Alexis’ disappearance began to circulate, it was revealed that Alexis had survived a kidnapping just three weeks earlier after a trip to Las Vegas. Alexis, along with two males and one other female, had taken the trip to Vegas in late August with hopes of making some extra money working as go-go dancers after the Floyd Mayweather fight. According to Alexis’ mother, April Allen, from there Alexis was kidnapped, drugged, then transported to Sacramento, California and entered into a sex trafficking ring. She managed to escape, partially naked and beaten, by running into the street and flagging down a woman who let Alexis borrow her phone. Alexis then called her mother, who sent her a bus ticket back to Illinois. According to family and friends, Alexis was looking to return to her normal life after her kidnapping. 

On the night of September 22nd, Alexis was simply looking to let loose. It was later revealed that the man who owns the house where Alexis attended the party on Richmond Avenue is affiliated with the men behind Alexis’ kidnapping in Vegas. This was obviously unknown to Alexis. The details of this affiliation have not been publicly revealed, but police finally obtained warrants to search the house on Richmond Avenue in November 2017, two months after Alexis vanished. The details of what was found during that search have not been revealed either.

Due to the lack of information in the case, April is looking to raise money to hire a private investigator to work Alexis’ case. If you are interested in donating, April has set up a GoFundMe page here.  Additionally, if you have any information about Alexis or her disappearance, please submit a tip here.  

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  1. I wish there was more info on this case. I hope she's able to escape again