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List Series: 9 Dangerous Duos

Many criminals do not act alone. There are numerous cases in which two people plot together to kill someone for a variety of different reasons--and there are also cases where criminals get help concealing the crime after-the-fact. Below is a list of 9 such cases of murder committed and/or concealed by two people. While some of these cases have been on my previous lists, the write-ups on this list go a little bit more in-depth into the relationship between the two co-defendants.

9. Jasmiyah & Tasmiyah Whitehead
Pictured top: Jarmecca 'Nikki' Whitehead with her twin daughters, Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah

Jasmiyah Whitehead and Tasmiyah Whitehead are twins who were born and raised in Georgia. Their mother, Jarmecca 'Nikki' Whitehead raised the two girls as a single parent--and she was a very proud mother, as well. Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah were both straight-A students who stayed out of trouble. They were involved in many extra-curricular activities and both had dreams of going to Harvard. However, the once-ambitious duo appeared to go off-track once they reached high school. They began sneaking out of their mother's Conyers home late at night and lying about their whereabouts. Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah also began growing more and more resentful of Nikki and her strict parenting. 

Once the twins were 16 years-old, their relationship with their mother had reached a new level of contentious. In fact, police were called to the Whitehead home on more than one occasion after physical altercations between the daughters and their mother occurred. It was clear that Nikki was growing more and more fearful of her daughters, as she knew they outnumbered her. Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah were also working together to manipulate both their mother and police about the various occurrences between them. Their mutual disdain for their mother also intensified when the two of them were together--which was nearly all the time. The girls' hatred towards their mother eventually boiled into them creating a plan to get rid of her for good.

Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah set their plan in motion on January 13th, 2010. That morning, the twins attacked their mother inside the home and began stabbing her. They ended up stabbing her over 80 times, nearly severing her spinal cord. Then, Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah placed Nikki in the bathtub, leaving her to die, before cleaning up and going to school. When they got home that afternoon, they frantically called 911 and said that they found their mother dead in a blood-soaked bathtub. After police investigated the scene and questioned the girls, suspicions against the girls began to form. Eventually, investigators located a diary that the girls kept with a premeditated plan to kill their mother. Forensic evidence was also collected that revealed Nikki had fought the girls--even biting one of her daughters at one point in self-defense. Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah were eventually arrested and charged with their mother's murder. Both pleaded guilty and are currently serving 30 year sentences. [read more] [Killer Twins: The True Story of the Whiteheads]

8. Denise Williams & Brian Winchester
Denise Williams (left),  Mike Williams (center), and Brian Winchester (right). Denise & Brian planned Mike's murder
Denise and Mike were high school sweethearts from Florida who got married in 1994. The couple spent a lot of time with Mike's best friend Brian Winchester, and Brian's ex-wife, Kathy Thomas. Over time, Denise and Brian grew closer, and their relationship eventually escalated into an affair. The two eventually decided they wanted to be together, rather than with their respective spouses. However, Denise refused to get a divorce, because she wanted to keep up the persona of having a perfect family life. Denise and Brian eventually decided that the only way they could be together was if one of their spouses died. Brian did not want to kill Kathy, as she was the mother of his children. They decided that Mike would die instead, as he had just obtained a lucrative life insurance policy that Denise could collect if Mike died. Together, Denise and Brian came up with a plan: Brian would take Mike duck hunting at Lake Seminole, and at some point, Brian would push Mike into the lake while Mike is wearing waders, which would cause him to sink. Denise would publicly grieve her husband before eventually collecting that hefty insurance policy. Their plan was put into motion on December 16th, 2000. Unbeknownst to Denise, though, things did not go as planned. After Brian pushed Mike into the lake, Mike was able to get out of his waders and began shouting for help. Brian then panicked and shot Mike in the head, killing him. He then retrieved Mike's body from the water and later buried him in waste near the boat landing. 

Mike was reported missing, and investigators initially believed that Mike had fallen off the boat and drowned, or was eaten by gators. Denise was able to collect the life insurance policy, and she and Brian eventually got married. Their relationship eventually soured as well--and in 2012, the two separated. In 2015, Denise filed for divorce. Brian objected but was ordered by a court to comply. He desperately did not want a divorce, as he was afraid that Denise would eventually confess what they had done to Mike. On August 5th, 2015, Brian snuck into Denise's car and held her at gunpoint when she later entered the vehicle. Brian ordered her to drive around, but eventually told her  he had no intentions of killing her, however he threatened to kill himself if she went through with the divorce. After he calmed down, Denise drove him back to where his own car was parked and dropped him off. She promised him that she would not tell the police, but did so anyways immediately after dropping him off. Brian was arrested and charged with kidnapping his wife. While behind bars, Brian himself ended up being the one to confess what actually happened to Mike. In the midst of his kidnapping case, he worked with police to uncover Mike's remains and build their case against Denise. She was arrested in May 2018 and charged with murder. She was found guilty in December 2018 and was sentenced to life in prison. Brian was sentenced to 20 years on the kidnapping charges. [read more]

7. Sidney & Tammy Moorer
Sidney & Tammy Moorer (left),  Heather Elvis (right)
Sidney and Tammy Moorer are a married couple from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The two have three kids together and both were described as dedicated parents. However, in 2013, 38 year-old Sidney met 20 year-old Heather Elvis at a restaurant called the Tilted Kilt, where Heather worked as a server. Heather and Sidney were instantly attracted together and began to have an affair. Although Sidney and Tammy claimed their marriage was open, Tammy became furious when she found out her husband’s affair. Tammy began to send Heather threatening messages and she also began to keep a much tighter leash on Sidney. In fact, once she learned of the affair in October 2013, Tammy forced Sidney to get her name tattooed in an intimate area. She also sent Heather pictures of Sidney performing oral sex on her. 

At a certain point, rumors starting swirling around about Heather possibly being pregnant with Sidney’s baby. This infuriated Tammy even more--and it is believed that at this point, she began to formulate a plan to get rid of Heather for good. During the early-morning hours of December 18th, 2013, Sidney and Tammy put that plan into motion. It is believed that Sidney lured Heather out to Peach Tree Landing that morning so both he and Tammy could confront her. From there, the pair reportedly kidnapped Heather from the parking lot. Heather's car was later found abandoned at the landing and her family eventually reported her missing. 

The investigation into Heather's disappearance lead detectives to Sidney and Tammy. After months of gathering evidence, Sidney and Tammy were arrested and charged with obstruction of justice, kidnapping, and murder in relation to Heather's disappearance. Both have denied being involved in Heather's case from the beginning, and at first, it appeared they had a shot at freedom--as the murder charges were eventually dropped for both of them, and the obstruction of justice charges were dropped for Tammy. To make matters even more painful for the Elvis family, a jury was deadlocked at Sidney's kidnapping trial, and a mistrial was declared. He still faced the obstruction of justice charges, which he ended up being convicted for in 2017. Then, in 2018, Tammy went to trial for kidnapping Heather and was ultimately found guilty. Both Tammy and Sidney remain behind bars today, and prosecutors plan to re-try Sidney for kidnapping. [read more] [also on the Love Triangles with Tragic Endings list] 

6. Sarah Kolb & Cory Gregory
Sarah Kolb (left) Cory Gregory (center) and Adrianne Reynolds (right)

Sarah Kolb and Cory Gregory met in East Moline, Illinois in 2003. Both were enrolled in a GED program at the Outreach Center in the nearby town of Milan. Sarah and Cory struck up conversation after sharing a joint together at the mall, and the pair was inseparable after that. In fact, it was common knowledge that Cory, then 17, had feelings for 16 year-old Sarah. The feeling was not mutual, though--as Sarah identified as a lesbian and was very clear about only being interested in girls. Still, Cory continued to adore Sarah and reportedly did everything she asked of him. When 16 year-old Adrianne Reynolds moved to the area and enrolled in the same GED program as Sarah and Cory, the two girls had an immediate attraction to one-another. However, once Sarah learned Adrianne had been hooking up with boys, she was no longer interested. Adrianne, on the other hand, tried very hard to save their relationship--to no avail. Adrianne eventually decided to move on and began to pursue a closer friendship with Cory, instead. It infuriated Sarah to see Cory grow close to another girl, so she decided to confront Adrianne about it.

On the afternoon of January 21st, 2005, Sarah asked Adrianne to join her and Cory at Taco Bell for lunch. Adrianne gladly accepted the invitation, not realizing that Sarah had other plans in mind. Once they got into the parking lot, Sarah and Adrianne got into a physical fight. Cory ended up intervening, but only to help Sarah. He ended up holding Adrianne down with Sarah choked her to death. Then, Sarah and Cory enlisted their friend Nathan Gaudet to help them dismember and dispose of Adrianne’s body. Five days later, authorities found Adrianne’s remains at the Black Hawk Historic Site in Rock Island. 

Sarah, Cory, and Nathan were all eventually arrested. Sarah and Cory were both charged with two counts of first degree murder and concealment of homicide. Nathan was charged as a juvenile with concealment of homicide. Both Sarah and Cory were given life sentences. Nathan was given a juvenile sentence of 5 years. He passed away in a car accident a few years after his release. [read more] [also on the 'Friendships Turned Fatal' list]

5. David Eisenhauer & Natalie Keepers
David Eisenhauer (left), Nicole Lovell (center) and Natalie Keepers (right)
David Eisenhauer and Natalie Keepers met as freshman at Virginia Tech University in 2015. Around the same time frame, David met a 13 year-old girl named Nicole Lovell on the messaging app Kik. David and Nicole struck up a flirtatious/romantic relationship that lead to the two of them meeting in person on at least one occasion prior to January 2016. At that point, David and Nicole reportedly engaged in sexual activity--even though David was able to tell that Nicole was underage. Afterwards, David became worried that if he stopped his correspondence with Nicole, she would tell police about their relationship. He then decided he needed a plan to get rid of Nicole for good--and he asked his friend Natalie to help him. Natalie agreed, and the two began to meet up at various restaurants to plan Nicole's murder.

On the evening of January 27th, 2016, David and Natalie put their plan into motion. David lured Nicole out of her family's Blacksburg, Virginia home that night under the guise of taking her out on a date. Instead, though, David's plans were much more sinister. He drove Nicole out to Craig Creek Road, stabbed her to death, and then left her body there. Then, he brought Natalie back to the scene, where she helped him clean up Nicole's body before they disposed of her near the state's border. Once Nicole's family reported her missing, it did not take police long to identify David as a suspect. He was questioned by investigators, and he told them that he believed Nicole was 16 or 17 years old, but when he saw her that morning, he realized she was much younger and decided to leave. Investigators did not buy this story, and charged David with Nicole’s abduction. Shortly thereafter, Nicole’s body was found on the side of the road near the Virginia/North Carolina border. David was then charged with murder in addition to abduction. At that point, David admitted he did not act alone, either. He implicated Natalie for her role in the murder, and she was subsequently arrested for accessory to murder before the fact and for concealment of body charges. When questioned why she agreed to help David commit this horrific crime, Natalie told investigators that she was "excited to be a part of something special and secret.” She also described David as a sociopath, and referred to herself as a 'sociopath in training'. 

In 2018, David was sentenced to 50 years for Nicole's murder. Natalie went to trial and was found guilty for her role in the murder as well. Both remain behind bars. [read more]

4. Leon & Tanya Tripp
Leon Trip (left), Latania 'Janell' Carwell (center), and Tanya Tripp (right)

Leon and Tanya Tripp are a married couple from Augusta, Georgia. Tanya’s biological daughter, Latania ‘Janell’ Carwell lived in the home with Leon and Tanya. On April 18th, 2017, Tanya called police and told them that her husband and daughter were missing. She said that the previous evening, Leon got a call from a friend in Clarks Hill, South Carolina who said his car was stuck and he needed help. Tanya explained to police that Janell accompanied Leon on his trip to go help his friend in Clarks Hill, but the two of them never returned. 

On April 26th, 2017, Leon’s car was found abandoned about a mile away from their home. The car was processed and it apparently did not yield any evidence about their disappearances. Additionally, their cell phone data indicated that the two never traveled to Clarks Hill. As the news about Janell and Leon’s disappearances spread, police began to receive tips that Leon had been seen in the Atlanta area numerous times without Janell. At that point, police issued a warrant for kidnapping charges against Leon. Meanwhile, suspicions about Janell’s mother Tanya were growing as well. It was discovered that Leon made numerous trips back-and-forth between Augusta and Atlanta while police were actively searching for both him and Janell. Investigators began to believe that Tanya was fully aware of Leon’s whereabouts after all. 

Those beliefs were confirmed on May 23rd, 2017, when police tracked down Leon at a local U-Haul facility in Atlanta. When police cornered him, they noticed that Tanya was standing right there by his side. Both were arrested; Leon was charged with kidnapping while Tanya was charged with hindering the apprehension of a criminal. Nearly a year later, in March 2018, Janell’s remains were found close to their Augusta, Georgia home. After this discovery, Leon was charged with first-degree murder and Tanya was charged with second-degree murder. Both remain behind bars as their charges are pending. [read more]

3. Joshua Fulgham & Emilia Carr
Joshua Fulgham (center) & Emilia Carr (right). Both were arrested for murdering Joshua's wife, Heather Strong (left) in 2009
Joshua Fulgham and Emilia Carr met during one of the "off" periods of Joshua's relationship with Heather Strong. Heather and Joshua had been together for years prior to this, and they had children together--however their relationship was very tumultuous. By December 2008, Heather started dating another man, while Joshua had gotten Emilia pregnant. Despite all of this, Joshua and Heather eventually reconciled and finally decided to get married on December 26th, 2008. Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase was short-lived, as six days into their marriage, Joshua was arrested for threatening Heather with a shotgun during a heated argument. Emilia visited Joshua frequently while he was behind bars, and the two eventually rekindled their relationship. Emilia became dedicated to getting Joshua out of jail. On numerous occasions, Emilia asked Heather to write a letter on Joshua's behalf--but Heather always refused. This infuriated Emilia, and when Joshua finally was released from jail, she told him that Heather planned to leave the state of Florida with his children. This prompted Joshua and Emilia to come up with a plan to prevent that from happening.

On February 15th, 2009, Joshua lured Heather to a storage trailer located on Emilia's family's property. After Joshua and Heather entered the trailer, Emilia followed them inside. Frightened, Heather attempted to exit the trailer but Joshua wrestled her back inside. Emilia then tied Heather to a chair as Joshua held her down. The pair forced Heather to sign a custody agreement that granted Joshua full custody of their children. Then, both Emilia and Joshua unsuccessfully attempted to break Heather’s neck. When that failed, Emilia placed a garbage bag over Heather’s head and Joshua put his hand over her mouth and nose, suffocating her to death. 

Joshua and Emilia were apprehended just weeks later. Both are currently serving life sentences for their respective roles in the murder of Heather Strong. [read more] [also on the 'Love Triangles With Tragic Endings' list] [story is also featured on season 2 of Snapped: Killer Couples]

2. Rachel Shoaf & Shelia Eddy
From left to right: Shelia Eddy, Rachel Shoaf and Skylar Neese (2011)
Shelia Eddy and Skylar Neese met at a community center in Cassville, West Virginia during 2003, when both were around 7-8 years old. The two quickly became best friends and were known as a dynamic duo. Their duo expanded into a trio once they reached their teens, after they met Rachel Shoaf on their first day of high school. The three girls were very close, however as time passed, Shelia and Rachel began to grow closer and closer, while Skylar was beginning to feel left out. On one particular night in 2011, the three girls were drinking in Rachel's bedroom when Rachel and Shelia began to engage in sexual activity with one another right in front of Skylar. Skylar felt very uncomfortable by this, and she described the details of the event in her diary later. 

Once the girls reached their sophomore year of high school, they continued to hang out--even though Rachel and Shelia were continuing to grow closer to one another while Skylar was continuing to feel left out. Throughout that year, various classmates overheard Rachel and Shelia talking about ways to kill Skylar. Numerous people warned Skylar about this, but she brushed it off and said they were just kidding. While many have theorized that it might have started out as a joke, Rachel and Shelia's plans grew serious during the spring of 2012. In July 2012, they put their plan into motion. On the evening of July 6th, 2012, Shelia and Rachel drove to Skylar's family's apartment complex and asked Skylar to sneak out of her apartment so they could joyride and smoke marijuana together. Skylar accepted their invitation, not realizing that Shelia and Rachel actually had other plans. After sneaking out of her bedroom, Skylar got into the backseat of Shelia's car, and Shelia drove the three of them around 30 miles away to a wooded area of Wayne Township in Greene County, Pennsylvania. Shelia and Rachel then lured Skylar into the woods under the guise of smoking marijuana--but then on an agreed upon moment, Shelia and Rachel counted to 3 and began to stab Skylar to death. Afterwards, they hid her body under some branches before disposing their bloody clothes and fleeing the scene.

Rachel and Shelia remained best friends in the months that followed the murder. Shelia also feigned concern for Skylar once her parents reported her missing. Shelia told Skylar's parents that she and Rachel dropped Skylar off a block away from their apartment building the previous night. Shelia then feigned concern for Skylar and joined her parents on searches for her. Rachel herself began to crack under the pressure of the questioning authorities, and six months after Skylar's disappearance, she had a mental breakdown and was sent to receive inpatient mental health treatment. Upon her release from the facility, Rachel confessed to authorities that she and Shelia stabbed Skylar to death--simply because they "did not like her anymore." Rachel then turned on her best friend, and named Shelia as the mastermind of the murder. Rachel then led authorities to Skylar's remains. In exchange for her confession and for naming Shelia as the mastermind, Rachel accepted a plea deal and pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Shelia was charged with first degree murder; she also ultimately pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison. She will be eligible for parole after 40 years. [also on the 'Friendships Turned Fatal' list]

1. Aubrey Trail & Bailey Boswell
Aubrey Trail (top left), Bailey Boswell (bottom left) and Sydney Loofe (right)

Aubrey Trail (53) and Bailey Boswell (23) were a couple living together in Lincoln, Nebraska. Due to their significant age difference and Bailey's history of dating women, many found Aubrey and Bailey to be an odd match. Bailey was still pursuing women on Tinder, which is where she met Sydney Loofe (24) in November 2017. The two girls decided to meet up for a date, which Sydney thought went very well. Bailey did not disclose any information about her older live-in boyfriend, and the two girls arranged to go on a second date on November 15th, 2017. While Sydney was optimistic about pursuing a relationship with Bailey, it appears that Bailey had other plans in mind that day. 

Sydney never returned home from her second date and was reported missing the following day. Police quickly identified Bailey and Aubrey as persons of interest in the case, but when they went to their residence to question them, the couple was nowhere to be found. Through a series of Facebook videos, it was revealed that Bailey and Aubrey were on the run from the police because they had warrants out for their arrests on unrelated charges. They eventually turned themselves in and were arrested for the unrelated charges. Just days later, Sydney's dismembered body was found in a rural area of Clay County, Nebraska. 

Months later, on June 11th, 2018, Bailey and Aubrey were charged with first-degree murder and improper disposal of human skeletal remains in the killing of Sydney Loofe. It was then that even more evidence of the couple’s guilt was revealed. According to court documents, Sydney and Bailey met for their first date on November 14th, 2017. At the end of that date, they decided to meet up the following night for a second date. Around 10:35am the following day, hours before the planned second date, Bailey and Aubrey were captured by surveillance footage at Home Depot purchasing the tools and supplies believed to have been used in the dismemberment and disposal of Sydney. This particular clue indicates that the killing was premeditated, because Sydney was still alive at the time the purchase was made. Aubrey found was guilty of all charges in July 2019. Bailey is scheduled to go on trial in fall of 2019. [read more]

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