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List Series: Love Triangles with Tragic Endings

'Love triangles' are often the central story in many fictional movies, television shows, books, etc. Love triangles are also not terribly uncommon in real life---many people can relate to the feeling of jealousy when it comes to partners or ex-partners entering new relationships. On the other hand, many people can also relate to the unsettling feeling of having to choose between two people. Unfortunately, love triangles have also led people to commit heinous crimes. Below is a list of 7 cases of love triangles that ended in tragedy.

7. Christine Sheddy, Clarence Jackson, & Tia Johnson
Christine Sheddy (left), Clarence Jackson (top right), Tia Johnson (center right), and Justin Hadel (bottom right)
In November 2007, Clarence Jackson (33) was faced with a serious problem. He was living in a farmhouse in Pocomoke City, Maryland with his girlfriend, Tia Johnson (27), his cousin Justin Hadel (17), and more recently, an acquaintance named Christine Sheddy (26) moved in with them as well. At some point, Clarence and Christine began engaging in a sexual relationship behind Tia's back. Clarence thought the relationship was purely physical, but on November 12th, 2007, Christine told Clarence that she wanted more. Clarence turned Christine down, and she threatened to tell Tia about their relationship as a result. Clarence was unsure of how he would handle his serious problem, but Justin--who overheard the conversation--told Clarence “you better finish her off.” Justin himself then picked up a 2-by-4 piece of lumber and hit Christine in the head. The impact crushed her face and broke every bone below her forehead. She was ultimately hit 3 times in the head before she succumbed to her injuries. Tia returned to the home later that day, and Clarence and Justin told her what they had done to Christine. The two then enlisted Tia's help in disposing of Christine's body. They ultimately ended up burying Christine behind a guesthouse at an old inn. 

Nearly two years later, Clarence was arrested on robbery/arson charges. While behind bars, he eventually confessed to investigators what really happened to Christine. He admitted that, while Justin was the one who killed Christine, Clarence was the "ringleader" of the murder. Clarence also told investigators where they could find Christine's remains, which police located two days later. 

Clarence, Justin, and Tia were all arrested and charged for their respective roles in Christine's death. In 2012, Tia was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Clarence and Justin were both sentenced to life in prison with a 30 year suspension. All three remain behind bars today. [read more]

6. Heather Elvis, Sidney Moorer, & Tammy Moorer

Heather Elvis (left), Tammy Moorer (top right) and Sidney Moorer (bottom right)
Heather Elvis (20) and Sidney Moorer (38) met in 2012 at the Tilted Kilt in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where Heather worked as a server. According to Heather's friends/co-workers, Heather was instantly attracted to Sidney, and it appeared the feeling was mutual. Even though Sidney was married to the mother of his children, Tammy Moorer (42), he and Heather began engaging in a sexual relationship in mid-2013. In the fall of 2013, Tammy found out about the affair. She was absolutely infuriated, especially when rumors began to circulate that Heather was pregnant. 

By December 2013, Heather and Sidney had ended their affair. However, during the early-morning hours of December 18th, 2013, Sidney contacted Heather several times via payphone. At some point, Heather agreed to meet up with him at Peach Tree Landing. Unfortunately, Heather never returned home after that and has never been seen or heard from again. Her car was found abandoned at Peach Tree Landing the following day. 

It is believed that Sidney lured Heather out to Peach Tree Landing that morning so both he and Tammy could confront her. The pair reportedly kidnapped Heather from the parking lot. In February 2014, both Sidney and Tammy were arrested and charged with kidnapping and murdering Heather. The murder charges ended up being dropped in 2016. That same year, Sidney went to trial for the kidnapping charges--but a mistrial was declared. Tammy went to trial in October 2018, and unlike her husband, she was ultimately found guilty. She was sentenced to 30 years in prison, plus an additional 30 years for obstruction of justice in Heather's case. Prosecutors plan to retrial Sidney for the kidnapping charges in the future.

While it is presumed that Heather was murdered at the hands of the Moorers, her body has never been found. The Moorers continue to deny involvement in her disappearance. [read more]

5. Karlyn Ramirez, Maliek Kearney, & Dolores Delgado
Karlyn Ramirez (left), Maliek Kearney (top right) and Dolores Delgado (bottom right)
Karlyn Ramirez (24) and Maliek Kearney (37) were both members of the US Army, and they met while serving together. They quickly began a romantic relationship, however it was very tumultuous from the start. The two ended up having a baby together, and during the summer of 2015, the pair got married. At this point, though, the Army had them stationed at two different places--Karlyn was in Maryland, while Maliek was in South Carolina. Additionally, Maliek was already having an affair with a woman named Dolores Delgado (33), and Karlyn had already expressed her desire to divorce Maliek. 

Despite his affair, Maliek was angered by Karlyn's request for divorce. He told Dolores that he planned to confront Karlyn, and that the confrontation would result in one of two things: either Maliek and Karlyn would reconcile, or Maliek would kill Karlyn. Dolores agreed to help Maliek--she provided him with a gun and allowed him to borrow her car to drive from South Carolina to Karlyn's home in Maryland. Dolores would later tell police that she truly believed Maliek and Karlyn would end up reconciling that day, but unfortunately that is not what ending up happening. At some point during Maliek's confrontation with Karlyn, he ended up shooting her to death while their four-month old baby was in her arms. Maliek fled the scene after that, leaving his child in the arms of the deceased mother. 

It took investigators over a year to gather enough evidence to charge Maliek and Dolores for their involvement in Karlyn's death. Dolores was eventually sentenced to 17 years for being an accomplice to Karlyn's murder. Maliek was sentenced to life in prison. Both remain behind bars today. [read more]

4. Erin Everett, Tory Minnick, & Kody Donaldson
From left to right: Erin Everett, Tory Minnick, and Kody Donaldson
Erin Everett (25) thought she had finally found the love of her life when she met Tory Minnick (21) in 2010. Erin had only recently come out to her parents, and while they were initially reluctant to accept her sexuality, they eventually agreed to allow Tory to move in with them at their home in Jerome, Pennsylvania. Erin and Tory fell fast for each other, and they ended up getting engaged very early into their relationship. However, this was not Tory's first engagement. Prior to beginning her relationship with Erin, Tory had ended an engagement to a man named Kody Donaldson (24), who she knew from her hometown in Meyersdale, Pennsylvania. 

Erin and Tory's relationship began to sour after a few months, especially after Tory began to spend most of her weekends away from Erin. At a certain point, Erin finally realized that Tory was actually going to Meyersdale each weekend to spend time with Kody--whom she had rekindled a romantic relationship with. Learning that Tory was cheating on her reportedly caused Erin to snap. On the evening of March 25th, 2011, while Tory was asleep in their bed, Erin shot her twice with her father's gun. Then, Erin hit Tory twice on the head with a hammer. Erin was unable to remove Tory's body from the home, so she ended up telling her mother and the police that an intruder had broken in and killed Erin.

It did not take police long to realize that the intruder story was a lie. Erin tried to pinpoint the murder on Kody, however police were able to confirm he had an alibi. Once Erin was confronted by detectives, she eventually admitted to killing Tory after learning she had been unfaithful. Despite the confession, she pleaded not guilty to first degree murder and went to trial in 2014. The jury ultimately found Erin guilty for her crimes. She was sentenced to life in prison without parole. [read more]

3. Heather Strong, Joshua Fulgham, & Emilia Carr
From left to right: Heather Strong, Joshua Fulgham, and Emilia Carr
Heather Strong (27) was murdered by her husband Joshua Fulgham (34) and his new girlfriend Emilia Carr (26) on February 15th, 2009. Heather and Joshua met in Mississippi years earlier, when Heather was only 15 and Joshua was 22. The two had a volatile relationship and constantly cycled through breaking up and getting back together. In June 2008, while the couple was living in Marion County, Florida, Heather decided she wanted to move on from Joshua for good. She moved in with another man, which infuriated Joshua, even though he had already began a relationship with Emilia Carr at this point. 

Six months later, though, Heather and Joshua actually ended up reconciling. The pair got married on December 26th, 2008. Emilia was pregnant with Joshua's baby, but Joshua still told Emilia she had to leave. Heather and Joshua's marital bliss was short-lived, though--just six days later, Joshua was arrested for threatening Heather with a deadly weapon. While in jail, Joshua rekindled his relationship with Emilia, while Heather moved on to another boyfriend. Emilia fought hard to get Joshua out of jail. She repeatedly asked Heather to write a letter on Joshua's behalf, but Heather refused. Joshua was eventually released, but by that point, Heather had already moved in with her new boyfriend.

After Joshua's release, Emilia began to hear rumors that Heather had plans to move the children out-of-state. Joshua did not want her to take his children, so he had his mother come up with paperwork for Heather to sign to grant him custody. Then, on February 15th, 2009, Joshua lured Heather to a storage trailer on Emilia's family's property. Emilia was already there, hiding. Once they arrived, both Joshua and Emilia ambushed Heather and tied her to a chair. They forced her to sign the custody agreement to grant full custody to Joshua. Then, they placed a plastic bag over Heather's head and suffocated her to death.

Joshua and Emilia were eventually apprehended for their role in Heather's death. Both were found guilty of all charges and are currently serving life sentences in prison. [read more]

2. Lisa-Marie Naegle, Derek Harryman, & Jackie Jerome Rogers
Left: Lisa-Marie Naegle with her husband, Derek Harryman. Right: Lisa-Marie with Jackie Jerome Rogers, with whom she was having an affair
During late 2016, Lisa-Marie Naegle (36) had a lot going on in her life. She was working as a nursing instructor in Inglewood, California, and she and her husband of five years, Derek Harryman, were planning to start having children. However, Lisa-Marie was also having an affair with one of her nursing students, Jackie Jerome Rogers (34). On the evening of December 18th, 2016, Lisa-Marie told her husband she was attending a party with her brother at a bar in Torrance, when in reality she was attending the party with Rogers. By the end of the evening, though, Lisa-Marie told Rogers that she wanted to break-up with him and resume a monogamous relationship with her husband. Rogers reportedly snapped at that admission. He attacked Lisa-Marie inside his home and struck her in the head with a hammer numerous times. Then, he buried her body on his property.

After Lisa-Marie failed to return home or show up for work during the following days, she was reported missing. Lisa-Marie's sister knew about the affair with Rogers, so she immediately questioned him about Lisa-Marie's whereabouts. Rogers reportedly told Lisa-Marie's family members that they attended the party together that evening, but that he ended up leaving the party alone. Surveillance footage from the bar revealed that this was untrue, though--as Rogers and Lisa-Marie were captured leaving the bar together that evening. Once police confronted Rogers with this information, he cracked and led investigators to her remains.

Rogers pleaded not guilty to murdering Lisa-Marie. He went to trial in September 2018, and was ultimately found guilty. In April 2019, he was sentenced to 26 years in prison. He remains behind bars today. [read more]

1. Lindsay Nichols, Chase Weber, & Timothy Roses
Lindsay Nichols (top left) and Timothy Roses (top right). The two were engaged in an affair, but in March 2012, Lindsay moved on with Chase Weber.
Lindsay Nichols (22) met Dr. Timothy Roses (45) in 2011, while Lindsay was studying radiology at Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo, Iowa.  Unfortunately, their case turned out to be more like a love quadrilateral rather than a love triangle, as Timothy had a wife and children back in Plano, Texas. Timothy began to pursue Lindsay after they met, and the two engaged in a months-long affair that Lindsay eventually broke off in February 2012. Timothy did not take their break-up well; he reportedly harassed Lindsay via text numerous times in attempt to win her back, but Lindsay refused and eventually moved on to a new man named Chase Weber.

On March 21st, 2012, Lindsay announced on her Facebook page that she and Chase were officially in a relationship. This enraged Timothy, and he decided to take action. Timothy hid inside a rented truck and watched as Chase picked Lindsay up from her home in Waterloo. Timothy followed Chase and Lindsay as they drove to Chase's home in Jesup, located approximately 15 miles way. The couple eventually realized Timothy was following them, and once they arrived at Chase's home, Lindsay got out of the car to confront him. Chase remained inside the vehicle and called the police. Unfortunately the police could not arrive fast enough--after a brief argument, Timothy shot Lindsay in the head before turning the gun on himself. Both died and their deaths were classified as a murder-suicide.

Timothy's wife reportedly did not learn about Timothy's affair until after the murder-suicide. She had just given birth to their fourth child just 9 months before the tragic incident. [read more]

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(aka cases that also fit under the love triangle category but weren't included because they also fit under the Friendship Turned Fatal category and were already included on that list)

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