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List Series: Broad Daylight Mysteries Vol. II

 Many people are taught to take extra precautions when going out alone at night. However, very few people are reminded to take these extra precautions while out and about during the day. While the daylight might provide comfort to some, it still does not eliminate the risk of coming to harm's way. Below is a list of 6 more cases that remain unsolved to this day; all of which happened in broad daylight.

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The Murder of Keisha Murray

Keisha Murray (34) was found murdered in Jacksonville, Florida on July 7th, 2013. The mother-of-five was found in broad daylight at a cemetery on Ribault Scenic Drive. Keisha’s body had been set against a tree, and it appeared that she had recently been bathed. Police quickly labeled Keisha’s death as a homicide, though they have never publicly revealed her exact cause of death. Her killer remains unknown to this day.

Investigators believe that Keisha was killed somewhere else before her body was placed against the tree at the cemetery. Still, many questions remain. How did nobody notice Keisha's body being transported to the cemetery? How long had she been there before she was discovered? And most importantly--who killed her?

There are many theories that have been brought forth by Keisha's family members, but so far nothing has been confirmed and no suspects have been identified. There's speculation that her death is related to other alleged murders, and there's also a chance that Keisha's death is related to her legal struggles. Her case remains unsolved today. [read more]

The Disappearance of Lisa Green

Lisa Green has been missing since June 25th, 2014. The 31 year-old was last seen at her father's home on Gilmore Lane in Louisville, Kentucky. According to her father, Lisa stepped outside the house on the morning of June 25th and never came back inside. She has never been seen or heard from again.

Nobody in the house heard anything unusual when Lisa left the house. There are also no reports of any witnesses seeing anything unusual on the morning of Lisa's disappearance. Still, Lisa's disappearance was immediately suspicious to her family members for several reasons. Lisa left her keys, purse and identification behind--which initially indicated that she intended to come back. Additionally, it was very uncharacteristic for Lisa to abandon her children and family members. 

However, at some point after Lisa's disappearance, her loved ones found a note written by her that stated a man had been threatening to stalk and attack her. After this, Lisa's family members began to believe that she was forced to leave. She remains missing today and there are no known persons of interests or suspects. [read more]

The Disappearance of Sydney West

Sydney West (19) has been missing since September 30th, 2020. The young woman is originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but she vanished in San Francisco, California. Prior to her disappearance, Sydney was taking classes at University of California Berkeley and staying with friends in the San Francisco area. She was reportedly last seen on the afternoon of September 30th, at Crissy Field--located near the Golden Gate bridge. Crissy Field is a popular area for joggers, cyclists, and other outdoor activities. It's unclear what Sydney was doing at Crissy Field that day, but she never returned home and has not been seen or heard from again.

Investigators have labeled Sydney as 'at-risk' due to depression. This has also raised more concerns, especially since Sydney was last seen near the Golden Gate bridge. However, at this time it appears that nobody reported seeing her actually on the bridge on the day of her disappearance. Sydney's case is currently active and her family members and friends are praying for her safe return. [read more]

The Disappearance of Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith has been missing since November 21st, 2011. The 22 year-old woman lived in Leon, Virginia at the time, and she was attending school at Longwood University. Lauren was last seen between 3 and 4pm on the day of her disappearance, while visiting a friend working at a local 7-11. She drove her car to the 7-11, but left the store on foot. After that, Lauren seemingly vanished. She never returned home and has never been seen or heard from again. 

There are many theories about what might have happened to Lauren. Her cousin was reportedly one of the last people to see her--and he told police that he dropped her off at a house she was scheduled to clean at 2:15pm. However, investigators doubt this is true, as Lauren drove herself to a 7-11 just 45 minutes later. Additionally, the owner of the home said his house was never cleaned.  Investigators believe that Lauren's cousin is lying about dropping her off there, and that the cousin has access to vital information that he is withholding. He also reportedly left the state shortly after being interviewed by police. It is unclear if police have been able to contact him again.

Another theory is that Lauren possibly left on her own accord. A suitcase was discovered to be missing from her home and she had apparently spoken about disappearing to a few friends shortly before she vanished. Lauren's family members do not believe she would voluntarily stay out-of-touch for this long--especially since she left her passport behind and her cell phone has not been used since she was last seen.

Lauren remains missing today. [read more]

The Disappearance of Keeslyn Roberts

Keeslyn Roberts has been missing since January 18th, 2020. The 20 year-old woman was last seen at a Flying J truck stop in Resaca, Georgia. When Keeslyn arrived at the Flying J that day, she told people at the truck stop that she was there to see someone. Employees at the Flying J ended up calling 911 after Keeslyn reportedly entered an employee-only kitchen area and got into an altercation. She fled the scene before the police arrived, however her cash, debit cards, identification, and phone charger were left behind. At this time it is unclear how Keeslyn left the truck stop, as her vehicle was left behind as well. 

It does not appear that anyone actually saw her leave the premises. 
Some have theorized that Keeslyn left the Flying J with a trucker. There have been some reported sightings of her at multiple truck stops in various cities, however none of those sightings have been confirmed. Police have reportedly interviewed those closest to Keeslyn, including her boyfriend and the person she was planning to see at the Flying J that day—but so far nobody has been identified as a suspect or person of interest.

In early March 2020, investigators searched the Flying J. During said search, they found clothing that is believed to belong to Keeslyn in a dumpster behind the building. An anonymous witness told reporters that the clothes have been there since Keeslyn’s disappearance, however investigators did not obtain them until they conducted their search. The identity of this witness is currently unknown, but authorities stated that the witness has fully cooperated with the investigation. Keeslyn is considered missing under suspicious circumstances. [read more]

The Murder of Ally Brueger

Alexandra ‘Ally’ Brueger (31) was shot and murdered while jogging in her parent’s neighborhood on July 30th, 2016. The young woman had a passion for running. According to her parents, she would run 10 miles each day without any exceptions. On the afternoon she was murdered, Ally was shot multiple times in the back while running on one of her regular routes. She ran to the house of a local homeowner in the area while trying to flee her attacker. The local homeowner called 911 and attempted to stop the bleeding until paramedics showed up. Unfortunately, Ally was pronounced dead by time she arrived at the hospital. 

Michigan authorities are continuing to investigate this case. [read more]

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