Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Murder of Ally Brueger

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Alexandra ‘Ally’ Brueger (31) was shot and murdered while jogging in her parent’s neighborhood on July 30th, 2016. Ally was working as a nurse at the time, and she had also recently moved back in with her parents at their home in Holly, Michigan after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend Wes Sutherland. Ally and Wes had previously lived together for 2 years.

Ally had a passion for running. According to her parents, she would run 10 miles each day without any exceptions. On the day she was murdered, Ally was shot multiple times in the back while running on one of her regular routes. She ran to the house of a local homeowner in the area while trying to flee her attacker. The local homeowner called 911, and told dispatchers, “there’s a girl laying in my yard that just got shot a couple of times. Laying face down, she’s bleeding all over the place. I gotta get out there and see if I can help her.” The homeowner attempted to plug Ally’s wounds until paramedics showed up, but unfortunately she was pronounced dead by time she arrived at the hospital. 

Ally’s murder still remains unsolved today. However, many leads have been chased. Investigators initially stated that everyone in Ally’s life was a suspect–including her ex-boyfriend Wes, and her parents, Nikki and Franz Brueger. Wes himself pointed fingers at Ally’s parents as well. In fact, Wes made accounts on both Websleuths and Reddit, where he continued to state negative things about Nikki and Franz. Eventually, though, Nikki and Franz were ruled out as suspects, while Wes still remains on the potential suspect list. He continues to deny involvement in Ally’s murder.

Ally’s murder is still actively being investigated. If you have any information that could help, please report it by calling 1-855 MICH TIP.


  1. Hey Wes, time is running out. The MSP are closing in and ready to arrest their suspect. Give you one guess who he is Wes my soon to be convict friend. ROTFLMAO.
    One piece of advice, don't bend over if you drop your soap in the shower with thee other fellows.

  2. Why haven't they arrested that sob Sutherland. He's done everything short of confess to it.


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