Friday, February 12, 2021

Fundraiser Friday: Petition Edition (Feb. 12, 2021)

In continuance with the honoring of Black History Month, this week's Fundraiser Friday includes 3 cases of missing young black girls. This particular week will include petitions instead of fundraisers. Please share these stories and please consider signing! It will cost nothing and it will help the families of these young girls move forward with their investigations.

Relisha Rudd

Relisha Rudd was only 8 years-old when she vanished in Washington, DC during March 2014. Prior to her disappearance, Relisha and her mother lived at a homeless shelter in the city. While living there, Relisha and her mother became acquainted with a janitor named Khalil Tatum. Khalil gained their trust, and eventually Relisha's mother trusted him enough to allow Relisha to stay overnight with him at his grandmother's house where he lived. 

Relisha was last seen in the company of Khalil. She had stopped attending school at this point, and was eventually reported missing by the school staff on March 19th, 2014. A search began for both Relisha and Khalil. Throughout the search, authorities discovered Khalil's wife--Andrea Tatum--dead from a gunshot wound to the head. To this day, Khalil is the only suspect in her murder. Then, on March 31st, 2014, authorities discovered Khalil's body as well. He had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Relisha remains missing today. Although the person responsible for her disappearance has died, it is possible that someone else out there knows what might have happened to her. Her family has started a petition for the mayor of DC to raise the reward money in Relisha's case. They are hoping this will motivate someone who might have information about her whereabouts to come forward. [sign the petition] [more information about this case]

Kierra Coles

Kierra Coles was three months pregnant when she vanished on October 3rd, 2018. The 27 year-old woman was last seen near 82nd Street and Vernon Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. Kierra was reported missing by her mother after days passed without any contact from her. Police conducted a welfare check at her apartment, but found no sign of her. Kierra’s car was still parked outside of the apartment, and her cell phone, wallet, and packed lunch were found inside the vehicle. Police immediately began to believe that foul play was responsible for Kierra's disappearance, and they even identified a few persons of interest. However, the case has now seemingly gone stagnant.

Kierra's family members believe that police have not adequately investigated her disappearance. They have began a petition for the Chicago Police Department to conduct a more thorough investigation. [sign the petition] [more information about this case]

Jamekia Sabb

Jamekia Sabb vanished at the age of 17 on November 22nd, 2013. It is believed that Jamekia left her family's Charlotte, North Carolina home on her own accord. She was labeled as a runaway by investigators, and all search efforts for the young girl were minimal at best. Additionally, there has been very little information about Jamekia's case in the media. Jamekia's loved ones initially had hope that she would return home safely. However, as the months turned into years without any sign of her, Jamekia's loved ones began to believe that she might have come to harm. 

Jamekia's loved ones have began a petition for Jamekia's case to be more thoroughly investigated. [sign the petition] [more info on this case]

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