Monday, August 12, 2019

The Murder of Karlyn Ramirez

24 year-old Karlyn Ramirez (pictured left) was murdered by her husband, 37 year-old Maliek Kearney (pictured top right) on August 24th, 2015. Both Karlyn and Maliek were soldiers in the US Army, and they had a four-month-old daughter together....
Karlyn Ramirez (left), Maliek Kearney (top right), Dolores Delgado (bottom right)
24 year-old Karlyn Ramirez was murdered by her estranged husband, 37 year-old Maliek Kearney
on August 24th, 2015. Both Karlyn and Maliek were soldiers in the US Army, and they had a four-month-old daughter together. However, at the time of Karlyn’s death, she and Maliek were stationed at two different places. Karlyn was stationed at Fort Meade and lived in Severn, Maryland. Maliek, on the other hand, lived in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. 

Karlyn and Maliek had a very rocky relationship, even though they had only been married for five weeks. Prior to her death, Karlyn told Maliek she wanted a divorce. Maliek, who was already having an affair with 33 year-old Dolores Delgado was angry at Karlyn’s request for divorce. He allegedly told Dolores that he was going to kill Karlyn unless Karlyn ended up reconciling with him. Together, Maliek and Dolores began to put this plan in motion.

On the day of Karlyn’s death, Dolores gave Maliek a gun and allowed him to borrow her car to drive to Karlyn’s home. She also agreed to lie to investigators by telling them that Maliek was with her at the time Karlyn was killed. Dolores claimed that she thought Maliek and Karlyn would actually end up reconciling, but instead Maliek did what he originally planned to do, and shot Karlyn multiple times. Karlyn’s body was found by the police the next day, with their four-month-old baby laying in her arms. The baby was fortunately not harmed.

In the months following Karlyn’s death, Maliek allegedly cozied up to Karlyn’s family as he played the role of the grieving widower. Dolores was quite uncomfortable with this, and she had allegedly grown fearful of Maliek after he committed the murder. Still, the two continued to have a sexual relationship up until they were finally arrested in October 2016. It took investigators over a year to gather enough evidence to charged not only Maliek for Karlyn’s murder, but Dolores for being an accomplice to the murder as well.

On August 8th, 2017, Dolores plead guilty to being an accomplice in Karlyn’s murder. She was sentenced to 17 years in prison. Maliek still maintains his innocence and plead not guilty at trial. Dolores testified in his trial; she once again confessed to providing Maliek with a gun, car, and alibi while he murdered his wife. On August 9th, 2018, the jury found Maliek guilty of crossing state lines to commit domestic violence resulting in the death of Karlyn Ramirez. He was sentenced to life in prison. 


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    2. Malika is evil and a devil's advocate. How can he killed his daughter's mum.No conscience.I pitied the daughter. How wld the daughter feels when she would find out her dad killed her mother.i can't forgive dat crime.

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