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The Disappearance of Daniel Lambertson


Daniel Lamberton has been missing since January 30th, 2010. 

The then-39-year-old was last seen in Aiea, Hawaii. On the evening of his disappearance, Daniel and his wife Theresa attended a church service at Farrington High School. The couple drove to the service separately, but met up once they arrived. 

Afterwards, Daniel and Theresa left in their respective vehicles at the same time - presumably to go back home. Theresa made it back to their residence in Pearl City, but Daniel never arrived. At some point after leaving the church, Daniel called Theresa twice, but she was driving and missed the calls. When she tried to call back, Daniel did not answer. He has never been seen or heard from again. 

Daniel was reported missing the following day. The vehicle he was driving vanished with him, leading many to fear that he had gotten into a car accident and/or had driven off the road. However, on February 2nd, Daniel's car was found abandoned in a parking lot along the north shore in Oahu. The car was locked, and many of Daniel's personal belongings were left inside. There was otherwise no sign of Daniel himself on the scene.

Searches for Daniel were conducted by both professionals and volunteers. Unfortunately, nothing was found. Years have passed, and there is very little information available about the investigation into Daniel's disappearance. Police have given very few updates. There has been a lot of speculation about what might have happened to Daniel, but nothing has ever been confirmed. Still, there are a few prominent theories. 


While investigating Daniel's disappearance, police learned a lot about his background. Detectives wanted to learn about his job, his love life, his friendships - anything that could provide information about Daniel and/or his disappearance. Their findings seemingly did not uncover anything suspicious about Daniel or his life before his disappearance.

Daniel is originally from New Jersey, and he met his wife Theresa there in 2002.  The couple dated for years, and they eventually moved to Hawaii together. While there, Theresa worked as a nurse. Daniel got his real estate license and began working as a realtor. He originally worked for the Hawaii Realty Group, but shortly before his disappearance, he switched over to the Tropic Lighting Real Estate agency. Daniel and Theresa also were members and regular churchgoers at New Hope Christian Fellowship. 

By all accounts, Daniel appeared to be a well-rounded person who did not have any known enemies. Due to this, his disappearance seems all the more mysterious. Still - there were some aspects of his life that have had been speculated about, and a few theories have emerged.

Relationship with Theresa.


As previously stated, Daniel and Theresa met in 2002, while both were still living in New Jersey. They eventually moved to Hawaii together. The couple finally married in October 2009, after dating for seven years. Daniel vanished just a few months after their wedding.

Although Theresa was the last known person to have seen Daniel, it appears that she is not a suspect in the case. It was noted that the couple did not drive to the church service together on the evening of Daniel's disappearance. This was reportedly because Daniel had been running errands throughout that day, so they agreed to meet up at the service. 

There are some discrepancies about what the couple's plans were after church. Some reports state that Daniel and Theresa intended to go straight home, while other reports state that they were going to go out to dinner before going home. Either way, Theresa arrived at their planned destination - whether it was their home or a restaurant - and Daniel did not. 

Theresa reported Daniel missing the following evening. Some find it suspicious that Theresa waited an entire day to call police - but the fact that she waited that long is not necessarily be indicative that she is involved in her husband's disappearance. After all, Daniel is an adult, and many police agencies do not even bother looking into cases of adults who have not been missing for a full 24 hours. It's also completely possible that Theresa thought that Daniel would eventually show up. 

Others have also said that Theresa was/is not an active participant in the search for Daniel. However, in the early stages of the investigation, Theresa spoke to reporters and made a public plea for Daniel's safe return. 


While it's true that several guilty people also have made similar pleas in an attempt to deflect suspicion, that may not be the case here. At this point, it's all speculation. Theresa has never been named a person of interest in the case. She has since remarried.

Some still believe Theresa knows more than she has disclosed - while others have pondered if there are other aspects of Daniel's life that may be a factor in his disappearance.

The Real Estate Work.

Daniel got his real estate license after he and Theresa moved to Hawaii. He enjoyed the work liked to meet new people while on the job. As previously noted, Daniel switched to a different realtor agency shortly before his disappearance. This is not particularly unusual for people working in this field, but there are rumors that the new real estate agency was involved in some shady business. The details of said "shady business" are not known, but there are several complaints about the company that can be found online. 

If the company Daniel worked for was actually involved in shady or illegal business, it's possible that this played in a role in his disappearance. Did Daniel know something he shouldn't have known? Or was Daniel set up by someone in the company? Police have not released any evidence to suggest this to be true - but it's certainly not impossible at this point. 

Many have questioned if the location that Daniel's car was found might have to do with his job as well. As previously noted, the car was found abandoned in a parking lot along the north shore in Oahu. This location is an approximate hour and a half's drive away from the church service that Daniel attended on the night of his disappearance. It's also about an hour's drive away from his home in Pearl City. 

It seems unusual that he would drive that far after leaving the church service, since reports state he intended to go to the same place as his wife that evening. With this in mind, some have speculated that Daniel might have received a call about a potential real estate listing that sent him to that area. It's possible that this explains the two phone calls he made to Theresa after leaving the church service; because he wanted to tell her that he would be getting home late. 

Again, this is not a confirmed theory, but simply another possible one. It also leaves many questions. If Daniel did, in fact, go to check out a vacant home - what happened afterwards? Was he sent there as a set up for his murder? If so, by whom and why?

The car's location in particular also leads to a few other theories. 

Finding the vehicle. 

Source: Hawaii News Now

Daniel's car was found three days after his disappearance. There is reportedly no known connection between Daniel and the location where the vehicle found. It's possible he traveled there to meet someone, maybe for work, maybe for something else.

Another odd thing about the car's location is that there is no direct route to this spot from the church. It's been reported that he would have to drive in a loop, along the coastline and the mountains, to get to the spot where his car was parked. If Daniel went there immediately after leaving the church service, it is still unclear why.

The car was found close to the ocean - therefore creating a theory that Daniel might have ended up in the water. There are theories that he might have harmed himself, but his loved ones firmly believe he would never do such a thing. There is also a theory that he was murdered and disposed of in the water. Thorough searches have been conducted, but nothing was found.


Daniel remains missing. No suspects or persons of interest have been announced in the case. Unfortunately, it appears the case has gone cold.

The Honolulu Police are in charge of Daniel's case. If you have information that could help the investigation, please contact authorities at 808-529-3064.
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