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The Disappearance of Sabrina Hatheway

Sabrina Hatheway has been missing since December 2014. The then-23-year-old vanished in Worcester, Massachusetts. Sabrina's family members last saw her at her aunt's home on December 21st, 2014. Sabrina told her aunt that she was going for a ride with a friend and would be back shortly. She never returned. 

Family members grew concerned after days passed without any contact from Sabrina. Those concerns intensified when she did not show up or call anyone on Christmas. Sabrina's loved ones eventually learned that her boyfriend Kevin Crozier was the last person to have seen her. Sabrina and Kevin had been living together in a house owned by Kevin's grandmother on Dixfield Road, but Sabrina had moved out about a week before her disappearance. According to family members, Sabrina's relationship with Kevin was volatile—which further contributed to their concerns when Sabrina fell out-of-touch.

Kevin would later claim that on the evening of December 21st, he and Sabrina went to a gathering at a friend's house. Both drank at the gathering, and they ended up being driven home by a friend to the residence on Dixfield Road. Kevin stated that both he and Sabrina passed out shortly after arriving home. He said that when he woke up the following morning, Sabrina was gone. 

After Sabrina went missing, events followed that built even more suspicions against Kevin Crozier. Still, he has never been charged with anything pertaining to her disappearance. As such, the events following Sabrina's disappearance further deepen both the mystery and tragedy surrounding her case.


Less than two weeks after Sabrina vanished, on New Year's Day 2015, authorities were called to the Dixfield Road residence in response to a fire. An investigation later revealed that the fire was a result of arson. A news report about the fire states that "investigators discovered a burn pattern leading through three rooms in the house. A K-9 alerted to the presence of a potential accelerant on the bed, floor and hallway. " 

The house following the fire. (Worcester Sun)

Evidence eventually pointed to Kevin Crozier himself being responsible for the arson at his own home. Police learned that Kevin had offered $1,000 to men named Scott Phelan and Lionel Bermudez in exchange for their help burning down the house. The men reportedly claimed that Kevin wanted to burn down the house to collect the insurance money, but it was later revealed that the house was not actually insured. All three men were subsequently held on arson charges.

From left to right: Kevin Crozier, Lione Bermudez and Scott Phelan

There has been speculation that Kevin actually wanted to burn down the house to cover up evidence related to Sabrina's disappearance. Given that he was the last person to see Sabrina at the residence that he later conspired to burn down, this speculation is not surprising. It also appears that Sabrina's cell phone activity ceased while she was at the Dixfield Road residence. While this could be explained by a dead battery, the cell phone has never been turned back on and it has never been recovered by investigators. 

Kevin has denied any involvement in Sabrina's disappearance, but Sabrina's family members believe he is lying, and they have grown frustrated with his perceived lack of cooperation. In April 2017, Sabrina's mother Brenda Hatheway reportedly learned that the house on Dixfield Road was going to be torn down. According to family members, this news was very upsetting to Brenda. Sabrina's aunt/Brenda's sister Lisa Mallett-Hatheway explained that "[Brenda] was convinced there was still evidence [at the house] that could help find her missing daughter." 

Lisa also stated that Brenda had been sober for years prior to this incident, but in April 2017, she turned to alcohol to ease her pain. What happened next would mark yet another tragic event for the Hatheway family. 

Sabrina and her mother Brenda (Worcester Telegram)

On April 30th, 2017, Brenda and her boyfriend Joe Kenedek partook in a night of drinking. Brenda and Joe had been together for years and they have a son together. In 2017 the couple lived together in an apartment in Webster. Their relationship was rocky, and it was evident on the evening of April 30th. According to witnesses, Brenda and Joe spent much of the night arguing. At some point, their fight turned physical. Joe was seen severely kicking and beating Brenda in front of their residence. Brenda died later from her injuries. 

Joe Kenedek was charged with second-degree murder in connection to Brenda's death. He later pleaded guilty and is currently serving a 7-to-10-year sentence. Brenda's sister Lisa is now raising Brenda and Joe's son. 

Brenda passed away without ever finding answers about what happened to Sabrina. In 2020, Lisa told reporters that she knows Joe is the one responsible for Brenda's death, but she holds Kevin Crozier somewhat responsible as well. Lisa stated that Brenda was very frustrated because she believed that Kevin was denying knowledge of Sabrina's whereabouts. Lisa believes that these frustrations are what drove Brenda to begin drinking again. 

On May 25th, 2018, Kevin Crozier was sentenced to six years and one day for the arson charges. He received credit for the three years he had already served. In April 2020, Kevin was paroled. 

Meanwhile, Sabrina remains missing to this day. Sabrina's loved ones still believe that Kevin is responsible for her disappearance. He has never been charged with anything related to Sabrina's case. Still, there have not been any other publicly reported suspects to date. There also is very little information about any other clues that might lead to a suspect other than Kevin Crozier. 

Sabrina's family members now fear that the truth about what happened to Sabrina may never be revealed. In April 2021, Kevin and another individual were shot on John Street in Worcester. Kevin was taken to the hospital, but further updates on his condition were not reported. 

Sabrina's disappearance remains unsolved. The Worcester Police are in charge of the case. If you have any information that could lead to her whereabouts, please contact Worcester Police at (508) 799-8600.

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