Sunday, February 28, 2021

The Disappearance of Crystal Fry


Crystal Fry (31) has been missing since late 2020. Before vanishing, the young mother was living in Baltimore, Maryland with her boyfriend/father of her two youngest children. Crystal's family members have not heard from her since November 11th, 2020. 

That day, Crystal called her mother, Teresa Silverman, and told her that the previous three days had been the worst of her life. She explained that somebody had broken into her home by kicking in the front door, so she was staying with the father of her oldest child until it could be fixed. Crystal also told Teresa that she was scared for her life. The two then made plans to meet up the following day so they could talk more about the break-in. Crystal never showed up as planned, and her family has not heard from her again. 

Certain reports state that Crystal was last seen on December 12th, 2020. It's unclear if this was the day she was reported missing, or if she was actually seen on this day. Either way, Crystal's family members have grown very concerned about her safety, especially after she did not show up for any holiday celebrations. It is extremely out of character for Crystal to abandon her daughters and her family members do not believe she would voluntarily stay out of touch with them. 

There have been very few reports about in Crystal's disappearance. Very little is known about the alleged break-in at Crystal's home. Her mother has hired a private investigator to assist in the search. Anyone with information that could lead to Crystal's whereabouts is encouraged to come forward. If you have any information that could help the investigation, please call 410-396-2221. 
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  1. The remains of a woman were found in Thurmont MD recently. She had on red Nike shoes and a lightweight black jacket. There was a key chain nearby with pepper spray on it, a house key, and some charms, including one from El Salvador. Could this be her? The remains had long brown hair with some braids.

    1. Oh wow - that's definitely possible! I hope authorities are looking into that.

  2. That wasn't her. Although I don't know her well, I met her once or twice thru a good friend of mine who has known her for years.