Friday, February 26, 2021

Fundraiser Friday: February 26th, 2021

For the final Friday of Black History Month, Fundraiser Friday continues to feature only black victims. Both cases this week involve unsolved murders of young black women. The families of both women are desperately searching for answers, and they both hope to raise money for private investigators. Please share their stories and consider donating.

Mary Watkins

Mary Kimberly Watkins was found brutally murdered inside her in Chicago, Illinois on March 9th, 2020. The 37 year-old woman was discovered by her father, who had gone to her residence in the Chatham neighborhood to check on her. Mary kept in touch with her father frequently, and he began to worry when he had not heard from her for two days. Mary's father entered her home shortly before 7pm and found her dead inside her bedroom. She had been brutally stabbed and strangled.

Mary's family members are raising money for both a private investigator and for reward money in Mary's case. [click here to donate] [more info on this case]

Tawana McGowan

Tawana McGowan was shot to death in front of her Redford, Michigan home on January 11th, 2010. The 30 year-old woman had just returned to her residence after working an overnight shift. Before she could even enter the home, she was approached by an unknown assailant who shot her twice in the head. Her 10 year-old son found her body lying face down in the snow shortly thereafter. The killer(s) had already fled the scene in a vehicle. 

Years have passed without any answers in Tawana's case. Her family members believe that police have not thoroughly investigated. In fact, her son has started both a petition for Tawana's case to be re-investigated. He also has started a fundraiser for investigative fees. [click here to sign the petition] [click here to donate] [more info on this case]

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