Friday, February 19, 2021

Fundraiser Friday: February 19, 2021

This week's Fundraiser Friday features cases of two missing women. Both young women vanished under suspicious circumstances, and their devastated family members are left without answers. Please consider donating to these families and sharing their stories!

LaQuanta Riley

LaQuanta Riley vanished at the age of 18 on December 7th, 2003. She was last seen by her family members at their home Montgomery, Alabama.  LaQuanta’s last encounter with her family was very brief; she arrived at the family’s home around 11:30pm to get a jacket, then left immediately after that. During the short amount of time she was inside the house, LaQuanta’s brother noticed that she had been driven there by a person in a dark green car that he did not recognize. When he asked her who the driver of the car was, LaQuanta simply replied that the driver was her friend. After retrieving her jacket, LaQuanta returned to the dark green car and was driven away. She never returned home after that.

LaQuanta's family members have spent nearly two decades searching for her. Over the years, the investigative fees plus everyday life bills began to add up and place financial strain upon the family. They have since begun the Riley Relief Fund, which you can donate to via Facebook. [fundraiser link] [more info on this case]

Paige Coffey

Paige Coffey has been missing since May 7th, 2019. The 27 year-old was reportedly last seen at the Steelyard Commons shopping center in Cleveland, Ohio. She has never been seen or heard from again.  There are not many details available about the day of Paige's disappearance, but her case is considered suspicious. It is unlike Paige to not contact her family, and her loved ones have been worried for her safety since the day she vanished. Paige's mother is hoping to hire a private investigator to help find answers about what happened to her daughter. [fundraiser link] [more info on this case]

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