Friday, February 19, 2021

The Disappearance and Murder of Lechmani Desroches


Lechmani Desroches was only 23 years-old when he vanished on June 23rd, 2017. He was last seen in Orlando, Florida. 

Lechmani's family members were incredibly worried when they realized he was missing. It was unlike him to drop out of sight and stay out of touch. Lechmani was part of a large family with almost 20 half brothers and sisters. He travelled each month from Orlando to Tallahassee, Tennessee to visit one of his older sisters, Marie Desroches. According to Marie, she and Lechmani were the two closest out of all the siblings. 

The investigation into Lechmani's disappearance seemed to go cold quickly. There was very little media coverage about the case. Over a year later, in September 2018, Marie was contacted by Orange County detectives and told that a set of human remains were found in a wooded area off of Marden Road in Apopka. Detectives mentioned there was a possibility that the remains belong to Lechmani, so they asked Marie to provide a DNA sample for comparison. Marie obliged, but still continued to hold out hope that Lechmani would return home safely.

It took months, but the remains were positively identified as that of Lechmani Desroches during April 2019. This news was inevitably devastating for Lechmani's family members. Marie had just given birth to a baby girl and was still in the hospital when she learned the news. Now, she was left with even more questions about what happened to her brother. Detectives made it clear that Lechmani had been murdered, but his exact cause of death was not revealed. No suspects or persons of interest have been named either. 

Lechmani's murder remains unsolved. If you have any information that could lead to Lechmani's killer(s), please call (800) 423-8477 to submit an anonymous tip. 

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