Monday, September 21, 2020

The Disappearance of Shawna Jones

Shawna Jones has been missing since August 25th, 2017. The then 42-year-old woman was last seen on Walter Street in Charlotte, North Carolina. According to her roommate Earnest Hooper, Shawna borrowed his car that evening and never returned home. Earnest reported her missing two days later.

Various reports state that Shawna had advanced cancer at the time of her disappearance--but the type of cancer has not been disclosed. Earnest said that she had been losing a lot of weight prior to her disappearance, and she was also in severe pain as a result of her condition. It is unclear where Shawna was headed when she left her home on the evening of August 25th, although Earnest said that it's possible that she went to South Carolina to visit friends. However, Earnest also said that his credit card--which was in Shawna's possession--was used at a carwash in Charlotte 6 days after her disappearance. Earnest reportedly believes that Shawna was the one who used the card, though this has never been able to be confirmed. 

A few days later, the car Shawna was driving (pictured below) was found abandoned on a ramp along Interstate 26 in Summerville, South Carolina. Summerville is located approximately 200 miles away from Charlotte. There was no sign of Shawna on the scene and she has never been seen or heard from again. 

There are unfortunately very few other details available about Shawna's disappearance. If you have any information that could lead to her whereabouts, please go here to submit an anonymous tip.


  1. I met this young woman once prior to her visit to my home in SC in 2014 when she came from Charlotte to pick up some watermelons with Ernest Edward Hooper who is misnamed in this story as “Ernest Cooper”. Shame on the individual who wrote this piece. There is no Ernest Cooper. I don’t recall Shawna knowing anyone from SC as a friend but she could have, possibly. I do recall that she was very volatile and argumentative on both occasions I encountered her. Mr. Hooper said she was that way with most people she met, particularly women . I knew she was supposedly dying of cancer and was upset about it. She was especially protective of Mr. Hooper who took her in when she was homeless. Mr. Hooper thinks she may have committed suicide because of her imminent death but because she was so feisty I told him I found it hard to believe that aspect and even if she did that why hasn’t she been found? He spoke of her being involved in a gunfight while in the same car she disappeared in earlier that year . She didn’t always hang out in the most savory places and had been a stripper at some point in life. I believe drugs were involved also. I’ve known Mr. Hooper for 42 years as we are both veterans. I don’t believe he is responsible for her disappearance. I pray he’s not at any rate. It’s quite possible she vanished voluntarily and not involuntarily but I still wonder what really happened to Shawna and why she would walk out of a house on her way to church and not return to a home she enjoyed living in and taking care of a little girl she was a caretaker for since the child was born and she adored. This is so surreal to me that tonight I decided to google information about her and read all details about her disappearance to see if I missed something somewhere. I keep hoping that she shows up someday somewhere or if she is dead that she be found and put to rest in a dignified way befitting any human being. In lieu of that I hope that anyone responsible for her disappearance is caught and brought to justice regardless of who it is. I can’t imagine that Shawna would play dead knowing she’s hurting her friends and family and the little kid(s) , that considered her moms. I ended up driving that same Mazda she left on the ramp or whatever and I was never comfortable driving it day or night up until the day a driver plowed into me at an intersection and totaled it in March of 2021. It was a beautiful car but I felt like it was jinxed?. I accused the car of trying to kill me on a couple of occasions when I started to drive it when it was released back to Mr. Hooper after the police impounded it for roughly 3 years after it was found in Summerville SC in 2017.

    1. Thank you for the correction. I believe "Hooper" was autocorrected to Cooper when this post was originally written. It's been fixed!

      All the other information written in this post is information that is readily available on the internet.

    2. He did it and it sounds like you had parts because both stories are 🐂💩 Ernest must've forgotten about me, I've always been there and I was on her last day of chemo. She beat cancer she wasn't angry.......I'm not going to say anymore because I never heard his side but from reading this crap he did and I always felt he had an accomplice to get that car down there. Oh let him know I know how was waking up out of his sleep choking her as if he was still in the damn war. She came and told me personally with her ferret 3x before that third week I seen my baby on the news," if something happens to me he did it" and I put that on whatever makes this universe worksAnd for you to say she was homeless when she stayed with her mother 100 steps around the corner on Ridge Ave Veteran pal!!!! But yeah he did it. And the car crash because you'll are the curse. His family stays down there she called everytime she was on the road because he couldn't be trusted, you tried to sweeting it but you enlightened the situation.. Cousin called me and told me it became a cold case quick. And if they would've checked her phone records I would've received a call from the text and calls

  2. I'm 90% Certain I've found this missing lady Shawna B Jones she is on FB as Inez Norris. She lives in same apartment complex as me in Tulsa Oklahoma and goes by Dollar! I wasn't too sure than someone told me Dollar is dying of cancer and the personalities sound too much alike. I just feel like it has to be this missing lady!