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The Disappearance of Domonique Holley-Grisham


Domonique Holley-Grisham has been missing since February 12th, 2009. 

That day began as a typical day for the then-16-year-old. Domonique played in a hockey game, where he reportedly won MVP of the game. He then returned to his family's home in Rochester, New York. Domonique vanished a short time later. He still remains missing today.

Domonique is the second oldest amongst six siblings. Just hours before he vanished, Domonique brought some of his younger brothers' home from his hockey game while their mother went to the store. At some point after arriving home, Domonique received a phone call that prompted him to walk outside of the residence. He told his siblings he would be back, but he never returned. Domonique has never been seen or heard from again.

Domonique's mother later reported him missing. Police classified Domonique's disappearance as a runaway, despite the fact that he had never done so before, nor had he indicated that he planned to leave. There were a few reported sightings of him in the Rochester area, but none of the sightings were ever confirmed. 

Over the years, there have been a few rumors about what might have happened to Domonique. In 2016, Domonique's mother told reporters that several people have reached out to her, "saying her son was killed by a group of teens over an unknown disagreement. Others have told her his death was an accident and was hidden because the kids he was with were scared."

Neither of these theories have been confirmed, but it appears that they also have not been ruled out. Domonique's case remains opened, but several years have passed without any updates in the case. There has been very little reporting about his disappearance. 

Domonique's family has since moved to North Carolina. They are still hoping to once day receive answers about what happened to him. If you have any information that could lead to Domonique's whereabouts, please contact the Rochester Police Department at 585-428-6595.

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