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The Murder of Priscilla Pimentel

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Priscilla Pimentel was only 24 years-old when she was murdered inside her own apartment during November 2006. The young woman was originally from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, but she was living in Queens, New York at the time of her death. Most of Priscilla's family members still lived in Pennsylvania, and she kept in touch with them often.

In fact, Priscilla was expected to join her family in Bethlehem for the Thanksgiving holiday. When she did not show up as planned, Priscilla's loved ones immediately began to worry. The following day - on November 24th, 2006 - Priscilla's four siblings traveled to her apartment in Queens to check on her. Upon their arrival, they discovered their worst fears: Priscilla was dead. She had been brutally stabbed to death. 

The scene in Priscilla's apartment was nothing short of horrific. Her bedroom and bathroom walls were streaked with blood. Priscilla herself was found in her bathtub with her hands bound behind her back. Her beloved Jack Russell terrier, Gucci, was found stabbed to death by her side. Both of their bodies were covered in green paint - which Priscilla had recently used to paint her walls. 

There were no signs of forced entry in the apartment. The only item that had been taken from the place was Priscilla's cell phone. Due to this, it's believed that Priscilla was killed by somebody she knew. Still, several years have passed without any arrests in the case. 

Many reports state that Priscilla identified as a lesbian. Shortly after her murder, Priscilla's stepfather Raoul Laracuente stated that he believed that she moved to New York because she was afraid her sexuality would hurt her family. Laracuente told reporters, "I truly believe in my heart that she moved away just so she wouldn’t hurt her mother’s feelings. This (Bethlehem) is a small town; everybody knows your business. She said she’d go to New York so that her mother wouldn’t be hurt."

While Priscilla's loved ones were worried about her living in a city by herself, they never imagined she'd meet such a tragic demise. Unfortunately, Priscilla's murder remains unsolved today. The investigation is classified as a cold case.

If you have any information that could help solve Priscilla's murder, please submit a tip.

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