Monday, January 15, 2024

The Murder of Alexxandra Morris


Alexxandra Morris was only 23 years-old when she was found murdered in Kansas City, Missouri on December 11th, 2017. Around 1:00 AM that day, Kansas City police were called to East 70th and Kensington near Swope Park. Once there, they found the body of a young woman near the road. She had been shot several times. 

Shortly thereafter, the deceased young woman was identified as Alexxandra Morris. It was clear that her death had been a brutal murder. Unfortunately, many questions still remain, such as: who killed Alexxandra? And why?

Alexxandra - who is sometimes referred to as Alexx, Lexi, or Sonny in other reports - was last seen by her family members on Thanksgiving Day. The family had gathered at Alexxandra's brother's house to celebrate the holiday. According to Alexxandra's mother, it was a good Thanksgiving. The family could have never predicted that it would be the last time they'd see Alexxandra alive. 

Very little information has been revealed about the investigation into Alexxandra's murder. A year after her death, Alexxandra's mother told reporters that she believed her daughter was killed elsewhere before being dumped at the intersection where she was found. Other than that, though, very few other details about Alexxandra's case are known.

There is a monetary reward available for anyone with information that could help solve Alexxandra's murder. If you have any information that could help the investigation, please submit a tip.

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