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The Murders of Duong and America Nguyen

Duong and America Nguyen. (source:

Duong Nguyen (61) and his son America Nguyen (22) were shot to death inside their family's Bealeton, Virginia home during the early morning hours of November 8th, 2018. 

At the time of the murders, Duong's wife and daughter were in Vietnam, taking care of a sick relative. The two spoke with Duong and America every day during their trip - but on November 8th, Duong and America abruptly stopped communicating. On November 9th, Duong's wife asked a friend to go check on them. Said friend subsequently called the Fauquier County Sheriff’s to request a welfare check. 

Police arrived to conduct the welfare check around 9:30 AM. Officers were able to enter the Nguyen's house through an unlocked door. Once inside, they found the bodies of Duong and America. The father and son both had suffered several gunshot wounds to their upper torsos. 

This double homicide case has been baffling for both investigators and loved ones of Duong and America. There were reportedly no signs of forced entry, nor were there are signs of robbery at the Nguyen home. Additionally, reports state that Duong and America did not have any known enemies or people that they had been at odds with prior to their deaths. Investigators reportedly do not know if the father and son were targeted, or if their murders were completely random. 

What is known?

Investigators have been able to establish somewhat of a timeline of events surrounding the murders of Duong and America. Reports state that the father and son's last known communication occurred on the evening of November 7th, 2018 - when America spoke to a relative via social media. 

It's believed that the father and son were killed just hours later. More specifically, investigators believe that Duong and America were killed at some point between 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM on November 8th. At some point within that six-hour span, the killer(s) entered the Nguyen's home and shot both men several times.

The residence.

The Nguyen's residence, located in Bealeton, was built in a rural area an approximate 30-minute drive south of Manassas, Virginia. At the time of the murders, the subdivision where the Nguyen's lived was so new that it did not yet appear on Google Maps. Therefore, it seems likely that the killer(s) were familiar with the Nguyens and the location of the residence. 

Although Bealeton is small, major highways are located nearby. VA Rt. 17, Rt. 28, and Rt. 29 all intersect in Bealeton's downtown area. Investigators believe the killer(s) traveled along Rt. 28 on the night of the murders. In 2019, an official working the case told reporters, "We have strong reason to believe that whoever is responsible for this crime traveled this corridor Route 28 from the Nguyen residence to the Prince William County, Nokesville, Manassas area."

A website dedicated to solving the murders provides a map marking the highways and other areas around Bealeton and the Nguyen household:


Why Duong and America?

As previously noted, a motive for the murders of Duong and America remains unknown. Neither man had any known enemies or any associations with drugs. By all accounts, it appears that the Nguyen family lived a quiet, happy life in Bealeton.

Duong emigrated to the United States from Vietnam decades before his death. He loved living in the U.S. and subsequently named his children after his new home: a son named America and a daughter named Virginia. Duong also loved his family's residence in Bealeton and often spent time doing work on their 1.18 acres of land.

America enjoyed helping his father with such projects, and he also enjoyed playing guitar. He was employed at a local Wal-Mart prior to his death and was known as a reliable employee with a positive attitude. Friends of both America and Duong described both men as hard-working and kind people. 

An unsolved case.

The murders of Duong and America remain unsolved. Investigators have not publicly announced any suspects or persons of interest. Details of the investigation remain unknown. 

The FBI is involved in this case. There is a $20,000 reward in place for anyone with information that could lead to the killer(s). If you have any information that could help solve the case, please submit a tip. 


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