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The Disappearance of Cynthia Bah-Traore


Cynthia Bah-Traore has been missing since February 3rd, 2021. The then-39-year-old reportedly left her home in Crowley on the day of her disappearance and never returned. One of her sons later called his grandmother that evening and said Cynthia had not returned home from running errands. Cynthia's mother subsequently contacted authorities. 

Throughout the investigation, it was revealed that Cynthia was spotted by surveillance cameras at a Shell gas station in Grandview, Texas - over 25 miles away from Crowley - on the evening of her disappearance. Reports state that Cynthia left the gas station driving her blue Mazada CX-5 shortly after 10:30 PM. This is the last known confirmed sighting of Cynthia; she has never been seen or heard from again. 

Cynthia Bah-Traore's vehicle on the Shell station surveillance footage. (source: cbsnews)

It is very unlikely that Cynthia vanished on her own accord. She's described as a loving mother who would never voluntarily leave behind her two sons. Additionally, there are many other suspicious circumstances surrounding her disappearance have led to even more questions Cynthia's case. 

Questions about Grandview.

As previously noted, Cynthia's sons believed their mother had left their home in Crowley to run errands on the day of her disappearance. Did these errands lead Cynthia over 25 miles away to Grandview? Or was it something or someone else?

Investigators have not revealed any information related to these questions. It's unknown if Cynthia has any prior ties to Grandview. The only known connection between Cynthia and that area is the fact that the last known sighting of her occurred at the Shell gas station 1000 block of E. Criner Street.

Cynthia's cell phone and car.

Cynthia's cell phone was later found at the Shell station. Due to this, investigators were unable to use cell phone records to track where Cynthia traveled after leaving the gas station. It is unknown if investigators have found any other relevant information on the phone and/or the records. 

On February 11th, 2021 - a little over a week after her disappearance - Cynthia's car was found abandoned on Interstate 35 at mile marker 335 in Waco, Texas. There was no sign of Cynthia herself on the scene. The vehicle remained in that spot for a few days before it was towed to an impound lot on February 15th, 2021.

The car being found in this location is suspicious for several reasons. Waco is located approximately 55 miles away from the gas station in Grandview. It's approximately 80 miles from Cynthia's home in Crowley. Due to this, it seems very unlikely that Cynthia voluntarily traveled that far away, at that time of night, for errands or any other reason - especially since her two sons waiting for her at home. 

With all this in mind, it can be easily theorized that it was not actually Cynthia who parked the car in that spot. However, there does not appear to be any publicly known surveillance footage of the car being parked on the Interstate - therefore it's unknown if Cynthia was a driver or passenger in the car prior to it being abandoned in that area. 

Cynthia's mother Tambra Alvoid has indicated that she does not believe Cynthia herself drove the car to Waco. Alvoid told reporters, "Whoever parked her car knows where Cynthia is." 

Crowley P.D. investigation.

The investigation into Cynthia's disappearance hypothetically spans three different investigative jurisdictions: Crowley, where Cynthia lived; Grandview, where she was last seen; and Waco, where her car was found. Investigators in Crowley were ultimately put in charge of the case. 

The Crowley Police have appealed to locals for assistance with finding Cynthia. However, since she was last seen in Grandview, there's a question of whether or not this appeal would have been more effective if had been made to Grandview locals. If Cynthia was spotted by anyone at all after leaving the gas station, it seems more likely that it would have occurred in Grandview rather than Crowley.

In fact, it does not seem likely that Cynthia returned to Crowley at all after leaving the gas station. Additionally, there are several miles between Grandview and Waco, where Cynthia's car was found - leaving potential for someone else to have seen Cynthia and/or her car between those two locations. At this time, though, it appears nobody has come forward. 

Where the case stands today. 

Cynthia remains missing today. Her loved ones believe she met with foul play. Her mother has expressed that the Crowley Police have limited time and resources, which indicates a lack of progress in the investigation into Cynthia's disappearance. A GoFundMe page is up in hopes of raising money for a private investigator for the case. 

If you have any information that could lead to Cynthia's whereabouts, please contact authorities at 817-297-2276.

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