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The Murder of Lisa Stover

image source: WPXI

Lisa Stover was murdered inside her apartment in the Rochester Borough of Beaver County, Pennsylvania on October 27th, 2016. 

Most of that day was an entirely typical day for the 30-year-old woman. She attended college courses in the late afternoon/early evening. Meanwhile, her two sons were with their father at a friend's residence located near Lisa's apartment building. 

Lisa arrived home from her classes around 6:00 PM. Shortly thereafter, she sent a text to her ex-boyfriend Mark Yaros, saying she was ready for him to bring her sons to her place. When Yaros and the children arrived approximately 15 minutes later, Lisa was found in her bed, covered in blood. She was taken to a hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries a short time later. 

An autopsy determined that Lisa had been shot and brutally bludgeoned to death. To this day, a motive for her killing remains unknown. Lisa was reportedly not sexually assaulted during this attack. There were no signs of forced entry at her apartment, nor were any items of value missing/stolen from the residence. 

Lisa's apartment building was secure, so visitors to the building had to be let inside. Additionally, the door to Lisa's unit itself was locked when Yaros and her sons arrived. Yaros told reporters that he "forced his way in" to the apartment before finding Lisa's body. 

With all of this in mind, it seems likely that Lisa was killed by somebody she let into her apartment herself. Police initially had a potential suspect: a person in a hooded sweatshirt who was seen running away from the building shortly before Lisa was found. Said person was eventually identified and passed a polygraph related to the case. 

To this day, there are many unanswered questions about Lisa's death. A murder weapon has never been found. In May 2023, it was reported that police were beginning to narrow down their list of suspects. However, no arrests have been made in Lisa's case.

There is a monetary reward available for anyone with information that could lead to Lisa's killer(s). If you have any information that could help the investigation, please submit a tip.

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