Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The Murder of Kristine Pierson


Kristine Pierson was only 24-years-old when she was found murdered in Louisville, Kentucky on January 17th, 2014. The young model's body was found during the early-morning hours by a passerby in the Portland neighborhood. Police responded to the scene in an alleyway near 33rd and Rudd and found a deceased female with burns over seventy percent of her body. The body was later identified as that of Kristine Pierson.

There are many mysterious circumstances surrounding Kristine's death. Her death has been classified as a homicide, but an autopsy was reportedly inconclusive--so her exact cause of death is unknown. According to family members, Kristine did not have any known connections to the Portland neighborhood where she was found. Additionally, it appears that the last few days of her life remain a mystery. Kristine was very close with her family members, but in the days leading up to her death, she had dropped out-of-touch. In fact, Kristine's mother reportedly planned to file a missing persons report on January 17th--but was notified that her daughter's body had been found before she had the chance. 

Throughout the investigation, detectives were able to collect DNA and interview several people of interest--but none of it resulted in an arrest or an identified suspect. Detectives revealed that they believed Kristine's body had been dumped in the spot where she was found, so they pulled footage from a surveillance camera in area. Unfortunately, on the day when Kristine's body was found, the camera was not functioning properly. 

Detectives were able to spot Kristine on footage from January 14th, 2014--three days before her death. That footage, which was captured on a different camera downtown, shows Kristine getting into a vehicle. An unidentified man was seen driving the vehicle. However, detectives determined that the vehicle was a rental that had been rented by a woman. Said woman reportedly hired a lawyer and has refused to cooperate with the investigation. 

The sighting of Kristine of January 14th is the last known sighting of her before her body was found. Her actions/whereabouts from January 14th-January 17th remain unknown. Both detectives and Kristine's family members hope that somebody will come forward with information that could help solve the case.

There is a monetary award available for anyone with information that could lead to Kristine's killer(s). If you have any helpful information, please go here to submit a tip.


  1. Clint and Merril Harris know something

    1. Because their son did it!!!!!!! Clint Harris, James, John John and some one else

  2. Because their son did it!!!!!!! Clint Harris, James, John John and some one else

  3. Horrible I pray they find who murdered your loved one 🥲

  4. It’s very sad she was found face frozen to the ground and had been raped with what they said was foreign objects she was out here mixed up with the wrong people and heroin. Honky nation thug wanna bes know exactly what happened to her ! The man who owns all them 7th street stripe clubs has the answers ..

  5. I'd bet if she was the daughter of a cop or some public official an arrest would be made by now. Unfortunately detectives don't treat all homicides the same. We all have faults and Kristine had hers, but if the victim was caught up in life's battles and died on the battlefield so to speak, the police don't work the case as hard. It's ridiculous that this is still unsolved.