Saturday, August 28, 2021

The Disappearance of Aaliyah Ramirez


Aaliyah Ramirez has been missing since April 27th, 2021. The 14 year-old was last seen leaving her father's home in Syracuse, Indiana. Aaliyah was supposed to walk to the nearby school bus stop, but she never arrived. She was reported missing later that day, after her school called to notify her family about her absence. 

Aaliyah leaving her father's home

Aaliyah was reportedly struggling in her home life in the months leading up to her disappearance. According to various social media posts, Aaliyah's mother had kicked her out of the house a few months prior. After this, Aaliyah went to stay with her aunt. However, this was short lived--as Aaliyah's father went to court to petition for full custody. The judge granted her father's request, despite the fact that Aaliyah did not want to live with him. In fact, she wrote the judge a letter requesting to stay with her aunt. In the letter, Aaliyah wrote that she did not want to live with her mother OR father--as she faced abuse in both homes. Despite this, the judge still placed her with her father.

Part 1 of the Aaliyah's letter to the judge (click to enlarge)
(click to enlarge)
The judge's ruling also reportedly banned Aaliyah from having any contact with her boyfriend. It is unclear why her parents did not want her to contact him--as he lived in Florida and it was primarily a long distance relationship. Aaliyah met this boyfriend while staying with her grandmother in Palm Beach City. Aaliyah's grandmother allowed her to see the boyfriend, but her parents did not--which caused further rifts in her relationship with them. 

Investigators believe that Aaliyah is no longer in Indiana. It's speculated that Aaliyah had help getting out of the state, but authorities still believe she is in danger. Prior to vanishing, Aaliyah was a dancer at the Indiana Ballet Conservatory in Indianapolis. Many members of the dance community have been sharing her story hopes of spreading awareness about her disappearance. 

Aaliyah is described as 5'9" and approximately 138 lbs. If you have any information that could help locate her, please contact the Syracuse Police Department at 574-267-5667.
UPDATE: Aaliyah has been found alive.

On August 27th, 2021, it was reported that Aaliyah has been located safely in Florida. At this time, it has not been confirmed if Aaliyah has been there this whole time,  however she does have relatives in the state. Many are now advocating for her to be placed in a more stable home. 

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