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The Disappearance of Kristen Galvan

Kristen Galvan was only 15 years old when she vanished on January 2nd, 2020. She was last seen at her grandmother's home in Spring, Texas. Kristen left the home on the day of her disappearance and never returned. Her loved ones have never seen or heard from her again.

Despite the fact that Kristen left on her own accord, her loved ones immediately began to worry for her safety. Kristen's family members began to suspect that she had been sold into trafficking by an older boy whom she had been hanging out with prior to her disappearance. That boy was later identified as Aryion Jackson - a Houston-based rapper who used the stage name Yung Corleon. 

Kristen actually vanished with Jackson prior to January of 2020. During this time, Kristen's family learned that Jackson was also a pimp who had sex trafficked over a dozen girls and young women, including Kristen, at a house on Bissonnet Street. Kristen was at the house for about a week and a half before she was rescued. Unfortunately, she vanished again two and a half weeks later. 

Years have passed since this second disappearance, and Kristen still remains missing. A private investigator hired by Kristen's family has been investigating the case, and several leads have been followed. Still, the key question remains: where is Kristen?

Several different locations have been investigated in regard to Kristen's whereabouts. Witnesses have also come forward with information. A closer look into these locations and the witness testimonies may hold the answers needed to solve Kristen's case. 

Bissonnet Street.

As previously noted, Kristen was rescued from a house on Bissonnet Street just two and a half weeks before her January 2020 disappearance. When she vanished for a second time, her family inevitably wanted to investigate both the house and Aryion Jackson.

Kristen's family went to Bissonnet Street to search, but they saw no signs of her. Jackson was questioned, but he claimed that he did not have any knowledge of Kristen's whereabouts. In fact, he denied knowing Kristen altogether. Jackson was later sentenced to 27 years in prison after pleading guilty to sex trafficking minors with force, fraud or coercion.

Aryion Jackson (image source)

Jackson has not been charged with anything related to Kristen's current disappearance. It's possible, and some think it's likely, that he has information about Kristen's whereabouts, but at this time he has not revealed that information. 

The Atlanta lead.

During the spring of 2021, authorities publicly announced that they, too, believe that Kristen is a victim of sex trafficking. In fact, people have reported that they've seen Kristen's picture on a website that is well-known for prostitution. Rumors also began to swirl that Kristen was being trafficked in Atlanta. 

A private investigator hired by Kristen's family traveled to Atlanta to follow these leads. She reportedly found some of the girls listed on the website, but she was unable to find Kristen. 

Latasha's testimony.

That same month, the private investigator was contacted by a woman named Latasha who claimed to have been held against her will and trafficked out of the same Atlanta house as Kristen. She mentioned that Kristen was pregnant at the time. Latasha said that she managed to escape from the traffickers and felt guilty about leaving Kristen behind. 

The private investigator noted that Latasha provided information about Kristen that "nobody else would have known". However, Latasha later spoke to the FBI, and her testimony was deemed as not credible. 

The baby.

At an unknown date in the spring/summer of 2021, the private investigator received a Facebook message from a person claiming to be Kristen. The messages said that she had borrowed a phone from a man who "did not know the rules". The message also said that she had just given birth in a Port-a-Potty and was forced to leave the baby behind, and she wanted her mom to go get the baby.

On June 3rd, 2021, a deceased infant was found in a Port-a-Potty in Houston, umbilical cord still attached. A test was requested to see if the baby's DNA was a match to Kristen's DNA. Four months later, the private investigator received a text saying that the DNA was not a match - but they were never provided with any documentation from the tests. 

Other remaining questions.

Although the DNA from the deceased infant was reportedly not a match to Kristen, it seems odd that the private investigator never received the requested documentation with the DNA results. It also seems suspicious that the private investigator received a message that Kristen had given birth in a port-a-potty, and then a deceased infant was found in one. It's possible that someone was pretending to be Kristen - but who? And why?

The private investigator tried to get in touch with Latasha at a later date and learned that Latasha had passed away. She messaged some people on Latasha's Facebook friend list to see what happened. She was told by a friend that she was murdered, but Latasha's mother said that she had suffered an aneurism. 

Kristen remains missing.

Despite the numerous leads, Kristen remains missing. If you have seen Kristen or have any information on her disappearance, PLEASE contact authorities and/or leave an anonymous tip. You can also contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline in the following ways:
  • Phone: 1-888-373-7888
  • Text: 233733
  • Online chat: link
  • Anonymous online tip: link

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  1. Given that the youngest teen - ager was 14 , when she was trafficked was there any proof that Kristen talked about her to anybody , or that they could have been from the same school ? .
    Are certain school ' s targeted And are there programs within the schooling system that they can attend , in order to protect themselves ? .
    How much of the 27 year sentencing did he do , if any ? .
    If such a huge sentence is handed down to a young person , can he actually be re- habilitated ? .
    What became of his mom , and was it factually confirmed that what he told the judge was true ? .
    Is his present where about ' s known ? .
    Are her brother ' s step or biological ? .
    What is the age difference ? .
    The group that the mother formed , is there enough people to form sub - groups in order to deal with certain aspects , the teen - agers that were rescued , did they come from the same school / area in the first and second disappearance ? .
    Given the date that she disappeared from the second time ( Grand Parents ) home , did she know anybody were her Grand Parents live , and spent the day celebrating and an accident happened ? .
    Were poster ' s put near any other rapper venues ? .
    Although her biological father left them at a early stage in her life , did she ever want to know about him ? .
    Did she know anybody in the area in which her Grand Parents stay , well enough to go and visit
    while she was there , what could have led to her disappearance while was at her Grand Parents home , were poster 's also put in the area in which they reside ? .
    In either the area were she lived or in the area were her Grand Parents reside is there a particular place that she liked to go on her own to relax / unwind , or to escape given that she was told that her family would be harmed if she told anybody , and was harmed herself ? .
    Did she and her siblings do a lot of activities together ? .