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The Disappearance and Presumed Murder of Unique Harris

Unique Harris was 24 years old when she disappeared without a trace on October 9th, 2010. The previous evening, Unique and her two young sons were spending time with Unique's cousin, Tiffanee, and Tiffanee’s 9-year-old daughter, at Unique’s apartment in southeast Washington, DC. Tiffanee later returned to her home on the other side of town, but her daughter remained at Unique’s apartment for a sleepover. Unique watched a movie with the children before tucking them into bed.

Around 9 AM the next morning, Tiffanee received a phone call from her 9-year-old daughter, who was frightened because she and the other children were unable to find Unique. Tiffanee assumed Unique had simply run out to the corner store and told her daughter not to worry. She was unable to get a ride over to Unique’s apartment at the time, but she kept in touch with her daughter and Unique’s children via phone throughout the entire day. When she finally was able to get to Unique’s apartment, she found the children there alone with absolutely no sign of Unique anywhere. Various friends and family members had not heard from Unique at all that day either. 

Unique’s loved ones immediately began to fear that she stepped out for a quick errand and then was attacked or mugged. However, when the family searched Unique’s apartment, they found her prescription eyeglasses folded on her bed. Unique was nearly blind without her glasses, and it is unlikely that she would voluntarily leave home without them. After this discovery, Unique’s family called the police to report her missing.

When police arrived on the scene, it was discovered that Unique also left behind her purse, identification, and wallet. Oddly enough, the only items missing from her apartment were her cell phone and apartment keys. Additionally, there were no signs of a struggle or forced entry in the apartment, and the children said they did not see or hear anything unusual during the night. 

Unique’s final cell phone activity was a phone call at 3am; the phone has either died or been turned off since then. Naturally, police looked at Unique’s ex-boyfriend/father of her children as a potential suspect, but he passed a polygraph and was eventually ruled out. Police questioned Unique’s current boyfriend as well, and he was also ultimately cleared.

Unique had no history of drug abuse, nor did her loved ones known about any family/relationship issues at the time of her disappearance. Years went by without any updates in the case. A decade would pass before any break was publicly announced.


An announcement on Facebook

As previously noted, years passed without any updates in Unique's case. Although nothing was publicly announced about a suspect until 2020, it appears that Unique's loved ones were notified about a suspect in 2018. That year, Unique's mother posted the following on Facebook:

“It is with my most heartbroken, deepest, & saddest regret, that I inform Unique’s most loving supporters, followers, partners, & donors of her demise. Unfortunately, this almost 8 yr. journey to find Unique ALIVE, has come to these findings in her Missing Person’s case investigation, that Unique’s more likely then not, DECEASED, & now I must memorialize my baby girl!📷😡📷😢📷💔God knows, I NEVER wanted to have to inform ALL of you, that have been remarkably loving through this ordeal of this news. My apologies for this NOT being a happier ending. I’ve been fighting so hard to bring you all good news in the end. However, it appears that I can not make that happen with the evidence we’ve compiled in Unique’s case. I hope ALL of Unique’s supporters KNOW, I did my very best to find her ALIVE, & bring her home to her sons, & all of us. I can’t give anymore specific details in the case right now, as I’m sure most, if not all of you KNOW, this war for Justice is not over, as far as the Judicial portion of Unique’s case goes, which must now take place in our court system. BUT I WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW, all of your prayers, love, & support HAS NOT been in vain! Because WE GOT THE MURDERING MONGREL! Yes, we got ‘em! I want to thank you ALL with ALL my heart, & soul, because without Team Unique Harris’ selfless supporters, this WOULD NOT have been possible! I WILL keep you all posted as we move forward to make sure, this diabolical, deviant creature NEVER does this to another parent, & family! I also want to make if clear, that my advocacy, & speaking out/up for Missing/Abducted, Unresolved Homicide, Human/Sex Trafficking, etc. will STILL be an intricate part of my life! I WILL STILL FIGHT for our voiceless victims, & continue to speak to our babies in our communities, & prayerfully be a part of a POSITIVE uplifting solution to these God awful cases, that NONE OF US asked for, wanted, or deserve. I intend to make sure my child’s short 24 yr. life, that was so brutally taken away from her…WILL NOT be in vain! Much love & appreciation I’m sending your way!📷💌📷🙏P.S. Stay tuned in for further details, as the opportunities & information become available for me to share.”

At the time this post was created, there was no official word from mainstream media or police about what was written. Even though Unique's mother wrote that Unique was dead, and they knew who killed her, no arrests were made.

An arrest.

Finally, in December 2020, that all changed. On December 21st, it was announced that a man named Isaac Moye was arrested and charged with Unique's murder. At the time of his arrest, very few details were released about how the arrest came about. Police did reveal that they have questioned Isaac numerous times over the years. Additionally, Isaac was reportedly wearing a GPS monitor in October 2010, which confirmed that he was at Unique's house the evening that she disappeared.

A conviction.

In June 2023, Isaac was convicted of second-degree murder in Unique's case. During the court proceedings, more information about Isaac's relationship with Unique was revealed. Authorities revealed that Isaac met Unique shortly after she moved to DC in 2010. He quickly developed romantic feelings for her, which were unrequited.

Unique had a boyfriend who lived in Richmond, Virginia, and was not interested in pursuing a relationship with Isaac. On the evening of Unique's disappearance, Isaac's GPS monitor confirmed that he was at Unique's residence from 10:39 PM on October 9th until 7:20 AM on October 10th. During that time, Unique was in contact via text and call with her boyfriend several times throughout the night. Prosecutors alleged that Isaac was jealous of Unique's boyfriend. 

As Unique continued to talk to her boyfriend, prosecutor Vinet Bryant stated, "[Isaac] sat there, feeling ignored, feeling jilted." It is believed that from there, Isaac escalated into assaulting and murdering Unique. DNA from Isaac's semen was reportedly found on Unique's couch, leading authorities to believe that he sexually assaulted her before killing her and disposing of her body.

Despite the conviction, Unique's body has still not been found. Her family still hopes to one day find closure and give her a proper burial. 

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