Monday, August 10, 2020

The Murder of Sheri Carter

Sheri Carter (29) was shot and murdered by Jimmy Dac Ho inside her Boynton Beach, Florida home on January 31st, 2011. Before her untimely death, Sheri was aspiring to become a lawyer, and she worked as an escort to make money to pay for law school. Jimmy, who worked as a police officer at Florida Atlantic University, responded to an online ad that Sheri had posted under the alias 'Stephanie'. 

Jimmy was off duty when he arrived at Sheri's apartment that afternoon. Shortly after arriving, he went into Sheri's bathroom to undress. Sheri was reportedly frightened by Jimmy and changed her mind about sleeping with him while he was in the bathroom. She sent text messages to her boyfriend to express her discomfort. The first message said, "Omg have a total weirdo in my bathroom a little scared."

Sheri's boyfriend, unaware that she was in danger, jokingly replied, "Dont let him sniff my"Sheri then replied, "No really u have no clue...." This was the final message that Sheri ever sent. She was shot just minutes later.

At some point after Jimmy exited Sheri's bathroom, he handcuffed her, shot her twice, and then left her for dead. Once Sheri's boyfriend discovered her, he called police. Sheri was then taken to a hospital where she unfortunately died four days later. 

Jimmy was quickly identified as a suspect through phone records. He told police that he changed his mind about having sex with Sheri and told her that he would not be paying her the $160 that he originally agreed to pay. Jimmy said that Sheri grew angry after this and ran into the kitchen to find a knife. After that, Jimmy explained that he acted in self-defense when he handcuffed Sheri. Investigators did not believe his story and subsequently charged Jimmy with kidnapping and murder after Sheri died. 

Jimmy pleaded not guilty and went to trial in 2014. In court, prosecutors explained that it was actually Jimmy who grew angry after Sheri decided not to have sex with him that afternoon. He then handcuffed her and shot her in the abdomen and in the neck. The shot to Sheri's neck shattered her spine and instantly paralyzed her. 

Surveillance footage from Sheri's apartment building revealed this all happened in a matter of minutes. The cameras captured Jimmy entering Sheri's apartment at 4:40pm and then leaving the apartment at 4:56pm. He then threw the gun he used into a canal before returning to his home and then going out to dinner with his girlfriend. 

It was also revealed that this was not Jimmy's first troubled encounter. In fact, numerous women accused him of making inappropriate sexual advances and comments over a period of several years beginning in 1995. He was also reportedly both physically and verbally abusive towards his ex-wife. 

Jimmy maintained his original story that he acted in self-defense. In fact, his defense team argued that Jimmy's gun went off on accident. The jury ultimately disagreed with the defense and found Jimmy guilty of both kidnapping and murder. He was given two life sentences and remains in prison today. 
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