Friday, August 7, 2020

The Murder of Angelina Sicola

Angelina Sicola (20) was found murdered in her Colorado Springs, Colorado apartment on May 2nd, 2013. The young woman was a student at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and she also worked as a martial arts instructor. Angelina was experienced in taekwondo and was preparing to take test for her second-degree black belt. Unfortunately, before she had the opportunity, her life was cut short.

One of Angelina's professors first noticed something was off on May 1st--the day before her body was found. Angelina did not show up for class that day, which was very uncharacteristic of her. Angelina also had plans to meet up with her father at a doctor's appointment on May 2nd. When she did not show up as planned, her father went to her apartment to check on her. Once inside, Angelina's father discovered a horrific scene: Angelina was dead. She had been strangled to death. 

There was no sign of forced entry in Angelina's apartment, which indicates that Angelina was likely killed by somebody she knew. As an experienced martial artist, Angelina knew how to defend herself--so it is possible that Angelina left bruises and/or other defensive wounds on her attacker. Though years have passed since her murder, investigators are hoping that someone will recall seeing a person with unusual bruises or markings on their body around the time of Angelina's death. 

Detectives have otherwise kept quiet about the details of their investigation into Angelina's murder. At this time, nobody has been arrested or charged with anything related to her case. No suspects or persons have been publicly identified. Angelina's case remains unsolved today.

If you have any information that could help the investigation, please contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigations at (303) 239-4201.


  1. there's a few who know what happened to this young lady. ill go on forever believing it was the dirt bag she denied and let know she wanted nothing to do with him. his persistence would not pay off but killing her would be his revenge and so far.... the scum bag is winning as he still walks the streets and breathes our air..... ive told the story to investigators and believe I wasn't taken seriously.. and I dont know how. so very very sad

    1. Please email me ( or DM me on instagram (@truecrimecrystals) if you have any info that you think should be added to this post. Thank you!

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