Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Disappearance of Sara Graham

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Sara Graham
 (18) has been missing from Fairmont, North Carolina since February 4th, 2015. That morning, Sara borrowed her father’s van to drive to her job at Wal-Mart. She never arrived at work, and the van she was driving was found abandoned in an open field. There were no signs of a struggle near the van. According to witnesses, the van was parked there as early as 6:45am, but the police did not arrive on the scene until around noon.
Prior to her disappearance, Sara had recently moved to North Carolina from Texas. She moved in with her father and stepmother, who both worked for the sheriff’s department. Her stepmother was fired shortly after her disappearance for reasons that have not been released to the public. Investigators have not publicly named any suspects or persons of interest in Sara’s case, however, many locals have shared their own theories on social media. The most prominent local rumor is that Sara’s stepbrother was in love/infatuated with Sara and that he killed her when she rejected his advances. This of course has not been confirmed, but Sara’s birth mother and close friends do not believe that she is voluntarily missing. 
The FBI is actively investigating the case. If you have any information about Sara and/or her case, please report it here.

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