Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Disappearance of Nancy Bromet

Nancy Bromet has been missing since November of 2015. The 37 year-old woman was going through some major changes in her life at the time of her disappearance, and many of those changes were documented on her Facebook page. Nancy made the image on the left her Facebook profile picture on November 3rd, 2015. Just two days later, she updated her relationship status to "in a relationship." Though the page does not state the name of the person she was in a relationship with, her family and friends have confirmed that the man in question was a truck driver named Jesus Julio Cruz. That same day, Nancy also posted that she had moved from Sunrise, Florida to Bakersfield, California. 

According to Nancy's family members, Nancy and Cruz actually left Florida to travel to California on November 12th, 2015. The couple left Nancy's father's house that morning--and Nancy has not been seen by her family members again. She reportedly did not have a cell phone of her own at the time, so she communicated with her family through Cruz's phone. Nancy's last known communication with her family occurred on November 17th, 2015--when she reportedly called her sister and indicated that she was in distress. After that call, Nancy's father spoke to Cruz and said that he would buy Nancy a plane ticket home if Cruz dropped her off at the airport. Upon hearing that suggestion, Nancy was heard asking Cruz "well, what do you think?" before the phone call dropped. When Nancy's father called back later, Cruz told him that Nancy was asleep. She never contacted her family again after that call.

Cruz later told Nancy's family members that they arrived in California on November 19th, 2015. He explained that, the following day, he dropped Nancy off at a shopping center in El Centro so she could buy groceries while he made deliveries in his truck. Cruz stated that when he returned to the shopping center two hours later, Nancy was nowhere to be found. Her family members reported her missing two days later, on November 22nd.

It is uncharacteristic for Nancy to be out-of-touch with her family members for this long, and her loved ones are suspicious about Cruz's version of events. Although Cruz said that Nancy was last seen in El Centro, her family members are questioning whether or not she ever made it to California at all. Still, the El Centro police are in charge of investigating Nancy's disappearance. If you have any information that could lead to her whereabouts, please contact the authorities at 760-352-2111.


  1. El Centro police. How big is there a homicide division? How many homicides have been handled in the past? Are the FBI involved as this could be considered a murder in a number of states? As they crossed many borders on the way to California. They should be involved or at least asked for their involvement or input. Obviously Cruz is responsible for her murder. I'm sure his vehicle has been thoroughly checked for any evidence. Ashes sofu contract from when he left Florida with this young lady on our way to California? Lame question but I have to ask.

  2. Sorry for some spelling and grammar errors. I'm voice texting. That last comment what is concerning his cell phone being tracked from Florida to California. Wish her any deviations from the common sense route of getting to California.

    1. I agree, the FBI would most likely be the most helpful since they drove through many states to get to California! But I'm not sure what the criteria is for getting the FBI involved.
      And I'm sure they could track the man's cell phone to confirm he made it to California, but that does not confirm whether or not Nancy made it with him.

  3. She never made it to Cali. They did run the tapes of that shopping center and Nancy was never dropped off there. Cruz however went off his driving route & was mia for 12 hours after "the dropped phone call" he came back alone with a missing tooth. His truck was checked for evidence but not until about 5,6 weeks after her dissapearance. El Centro dropped the ball. They treated her like a woman with a past who would return when she felt like it. Even after they knew she was never at that shopping center. Even after they knew he went off route after her phone call to her Dad. I hope she kicked that mother fuckers tooth right out of his face. I know she fought hard. Its been years now and still nothing. She has a family who loves her dearly. They deserve closure. Nancy deserves justice. Cruz is a violent pos with a nasty history. He knows exactly what happened to her that day. And El Centro knows he knows... She derserved so much more than this. She was beautiful, feisty & hilarious. I pray her family gets the closure they deserve. And i hope Cruz gets the max for what he did to her

  4. thank you so so so much. this is my tia. my mom misses her every day and we know he did something to her. he attacked and harassed my family for months. nancy would’ve come home she was very smart she would’ve figured out how to get home. my mom will never change her number because nancy knows it. it means so much to me that you picked this case because by everyone except my mom and grandpa, she’s been essentially forgotten. this situation changed our lives forever. thank you for covering it. i’m at work right now and i searched her name out of the blue and this was the first link to be put up.


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