Thursday, January 2, 2020

The Disappearance of Andrew Mayorga

Andrew Mayorga was only 17 years-old when he vanished on January 4th, 2007. Around the time of his disappearance, Andrew was going through some major changes in his life. He had been living in Washington state with his mother, but recently decided to move to Louisiana to live with his grandmother. 

On his way across the country, Andrew stopped in San Antonio, Texas to spend the holiday season with a family friend who Andrew referred to as his “honorary grandfather.” That family friend was well known to both Andrew’s mother and grandmother. Both had worked for the man’s law firm in San Antonio, and while Andrew was staying with him, he worked at the law firm as well.

Andrew and his grandmother reportedly spoke on the phone each day since his arrival in San Antonio. The day before he vanished, Andrew’s grandmother decided to drive from Louisiana to San Antonio to come pick him up. Unfortunately, Andrew disappeared before his grandmother arrived. 

The family friend he was staying with told Andrew’s grandmother that he checked Andrew’s bedroom the evening of January 3rd to see if the teen was in bed, and he was not. It is unknown if Andrew left the house through the door or a window. According to San Antonio detective Courtney Weytrich, “it’s unknown how he actually walked away and disappeared from that location.”

Andrew vanishes suspiciously.

Andrew’s grandmother stated that Andrew left behind “everything that was important to him,” including his wallet, clothing, and even his pet dog. He was spotted for the last time around 7:30 AM on January 4th, standing on the corner of Soledad and Travis near Travis Park; an area he frequented.

Due to the fact that Andrew left all of his important items and his beloved dog at the house where he was staying, it appeared that he intended to return there. He never did and has never been seen or heard from again. Andrew was later reported missing. 

Suspicions about the 'honorary grandfather'.

While working at the 'honorary grandfather's' law firm, Andrew had access to a computer that he also used to access his MySpace page. Andrew’s grandmother was aware of this and suggested that the computer’s hard drive be searched for possible clues. However, before it could be searched, the honorary grandfather threw the computer away. 

While this seems quite suspicious, especially since it is still unclear how Andrew left the man’s house, investigators have not named this man as a suspect. In fact, both investigators and family members have stated that they believe it is possible that Andrew left on his own accord. 

Investigator's runaway theories.

Detective Weytrich put forth a few theories, stating, “we’re thinking that he met somebody ​during his walks downtown. [Or] he met somebody on MySpace, since MySpace was an outlet to other states, other areas. We don’t know if he met somebody, and they provided a plane ticket or a bus ticket to leave San Antonio. Being 17, the airlines and the bus stations will not ID or question you for leaving. You can come and go as you please on the airlines and buses if that’s your choice of transportation.”

For unknown reasons, the honorary grandfather Andrew was staying with in San Antonio has not been publicly identified. Despite the fact that he vanished under seemingly suspicious circumstances, Andrew is still considered a runaway to this day. 

Hope for answers.

Andrew’s family members hope that somebody with potential information could come forward and help bring Andrew home. If you have any information that could help, please contact SAPD’s Missing Persons Unit at 210-207-7660.

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