Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Murder of Breana Rouhselang

17-year-old Breana Rouhselang was murdered by 16-year-old Aaron Trejo on December 9th, 2018. The two teens lived in Mishawaka, Indiana–where Aaron played football at the local high school, and Breana competed as a cheerleader. Breana and Aaron first met when they were in elementary school, but they reportedly only began to have a romantic relationship during 2018. 
At some point during their relationship, Breana learned that she was pregnant. She reportedly waited until she was about 20 weeks along to tell Aaron that he had fathered her child. By then, it was too late to get an abortion. This infuriated Aaron, and he spent a week formulating a plan to solve what he perceived as a problem. 
On the evening of December 8th, Aaron asked Breana to meet up and discuss the pregnancy. Around 11:00 PM, they met up in an alley behind Breana's family’s home. Unbeknownst to Breana, Aaron had a knife and a garbage bag in his possession when they met. 
Aaron then allegedly confronted Breana over the fact that she told him about her pregnancy after it was too late to get an abortion. According to Aaron, an argument ensued, and he ended up strangling Breana with her scarf before stabbing her to death. He then placed the garbage bag over her head and then placed her body in a restaurant dumpster located a block away.
After Breana’s body was found, her family members told police that she had left their home around 11:00 PM to talk to Aaron. When police located and questioned Aaron, he initially denied meeting up with Breana that night. However, after being confronted with physical evidence, he admitted that Breana was pregnant with his child, and he was upset about it being too late for an abortion. When the detectives asked what he did about it, Aaron replied “I took action… I took her life.”
Aaron was arrested and charged as an adult with murder and feticide in connection with the death of both Breana and her unborn fetus. Despite admitting to the crime, he entered a preliminary plea of not guilty. However, in October 2019, Aaron ultimately decided to plead guilty to both the murder and feticide charges. In exchange for this guilty plea, the State has agreed to not file any additional charges against him. 
In January 2020, Aaron was sentenced to 65 years in prison. The judge sentenced him to 55 years for the murder of Breana, plus an additional ten years for the murder of their unborn child. 

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