Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Fort Wayne Triple Shooting

Picture left to right: Danielle Carter (29), Nicole Saylor (36) and Kayla Harris (24)
Danielle, Nicole, and Kayla all worked as bartenders at the same bar in Fort Wayne, Indiana. However, they were far more than just co-workers: Danielle and Kayla were cousins, and Nicole was one of their best friends. In the early morning hours of November 9th, 2017, the three women returned to Kayla’s house after a night’s work. As they approached the front of Kayla’s house, the three women were ambushed by an unidentified man in a black hoodie and shot multiple times. Multiple neighbors witnessed the event, including a witness who saw the man fleeing from the scene before police arrived.
When paramedics arrived, Nicole was pronounced dead at the scene. Danielle and Kayla were taken to the hospital, where Kayla later died. Danielle, the lone survivor, was shot ten times: twice in the right ankle, once in the left knee, twice in the left arm, four times in the chest, which miraculously didn’t touch any of her organs, and once in the back.
The shooter remains unknown at this time, but many believe that the women were targeted. In a statement released to the public, the police announced that they had determined that the shootings were not random. Danielle, who did not see the shooter’s face, does not know who would have targeted them or why. However, she fears that whomever it was may come back to “finish” her as well. Police have not released any information about a potential suspect in the case.
Danielle is still recovering from this tragic event, physically and mentally. Since the incident, she has suffered from PTSD and panic attacks. She does not have health insurance, but still requires costly medical care for her injuries. On top of all of this, Danielle is raising five children, but is unable to work as often while she recovers physically from the shooting. Danielle’s grandmother has set up a GoFundMe account to help Danielle with her medical and living expenses. If you would like to donate, go here.
Meanwhile, the search for the shooter continues. The case is still open and being investigated and police are searching for leads. If you have any information about the identify of the gunman, please call the Fort Wayne Police Department at (260) 427-1230.


  1. The shooter is in prison doing life for another murder according to a rumor ....