Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Murder of Stephon Edgerton (aka DJ Juan Gatti)

Stephon Edgerton was violently shot to death in front of his workplace on January 20th, 2012. The 41-year-old worked as a DJ for the radio station WGOV under the name DJ Juan Gatti. He was on-air for a Friday night shift on the night of his death.

Shortly before midnight, Stephon stepped outside of the station located in Valdosta, Georgia, just off of US-84. Just seconds after he stepped outside, Stephon was shot multiple times in the torso and once in the head. Stephon collapsed and the shooter immediately fled the scene.

Despite his injuries, Stephon initially survived the attack and was able to call 911. Police officers and paramedics were immediately sent to the radio station, where they found Stephon lying face down in front of the building. He was in bad shape, but he was still alive, and he was able to provide a description of the shooter: a white man wearing a white skull cap or face mask. Stephon was then transported to a nearby hospital, where he was unfortunately declared dead less than an hour later.

Investigators thoroughly searched the scene for clues that could lead to the assailant. K9 units tracked the shooter to a nearby power line, where investigators noticed that a car had pulled off onto US-84 just a few yards away. Due to this, investigators believe that the killer got into a car and headed east after the shooting.

Other than this evidence, though, investigators do not have any other apparent suspects or motives in the case. Stephon was well-known and liked in the Valdosta community. He had a happy home life as well—he was married with three children, and many described him as a dedicated husband and father. Stephon’s loved ones do not know of anyone who would want him dead. Investigators have also ruled out robbery as well—as nothing was taken from Stephon or the radio station.

Stephon’s wife is remaining hopeful that somebody with information on her husband’s death will come forward. If you have any information that could help the investigation, please contact the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office criminal investigations division at (229) 671-2900.

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  1. This happened in my hometown.. Too many random killings go unsolved here that are never talked about...