Monday, August 12, 2019

The Disappearance of Cassie Compton

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(Courier Journal)

Cassie Compton disappeared at the age of 15 on September 14th, 2014. The day she vanished, Cassie spent most of her day with her best friend/boyfriend Hunter Smith at his mother Tracey Snyder’s home. Cassie had actually spent most of her weekend with Hunter and his mother. The previous day, Hunter picked Cassie up around 1:30pm at her home in Stuggart, Arkansas; where she lived with her mother Judy Compton and her mother’s fiancé Brandon Rhodes (pictured below). Cassie and Hunter then went to a demolition derby in DeWitt with his family. Afterwards, Cassie spent the night at the Snyder home and spent the entire next day there as well.

Judy Compton and Brandon Rhodes

Hunter dropped Cassie back off at her house around 6:25pm that evening. He noted that he saw Cassie’s mother’s fiancé Brandon standing out in front of the home, and that Cassie and Brandon made no attempt to talk to each other as Cassie walked past him. According to Cassie’s mother Judy, Cassie left the home again around 6:55pm after telling announcing that she would be back soon. She has never been seen or heard from again.

After Cassie was reported missing, Hunter’s mother Tracey told both investigators and news outlets that things were “weird” for Cassie at home, which is why she often spent time at Tracey’s home. Both Tracey and Hunter noted that Cassie seemed “unusually quiet” on the day she disappeared as well.

Additionally, Cassie’s half-sister Kimberly Compton alluded to Cassie having a secret that she thinks lead to her disappearance. On October 17th, 2014, Kimberly wrote the following to Cassie on Facebook: “Baby girl I’m putting the pieces together daily. I have a feeling I know what happened to you. Tonight I broke my silence and told your secret. I love you and I only told because I hoped it would help. I love you baby sister. STAY STRONG and remember you are loved. I know someone has taken you and I will find out who. I WILL help you if you reach out to me baby girl. You are beautiful you are smart and most of all you are important to many people”. There has since been very little information on the ‘secret’ and/or if it had anything to do with Cassie’s disappearance.

The full Facebook post

Cassie’s mother Judy and her fiancé Brandon were initially considered persons of interest in the case. Early on into the search, Judy and Brandon had their phones seized and searched but they were eventually returned and it is unclear if any significant evidence was found. Judy’s car was searched as well. Many rumors have gone around about Brandon’s behavior towards Cassie and Judy’s other children, however none of these rumors have been confirmed. Judy reportedly ended her relationship with Brandon about a month after Cassie’s disappearance, and then later told news reporters that Brandon was controlling and that she believed Cassie would come home if she knew that Brandon was out of the picture.

Despite Judy’s statements, investigators do not believe that Cassie disappeared on her own accord. She remains missing today and the FBI is investigating her case. If you have any information that could lead to Cassie’s whereabouts, please submit a tip here.


  1. Someone please write a book about this story! The podcast is great, though I prefer to read it in book form.

  2. I saw a video with her in it on tiktok! @plush1plush2 posted a video with 260.5k likes and 1.2 million views showing Cassie Compton in a car with people laughing and both her eyes were bruised and swelled. She said she saw it on a Facebook story and the guy who posted it was named "Deshawn Walton Sr." Please check it out, the girl who screen recorded the videos name is "Kiara Nelson" and she was concerned for her safety because she said she looked lost and said, "Clearly she needs help." The tiktok was posted at 6:00 pm PST with the hashtags "#minneapolis #lostgirl"

    1. Apparently someone spoke to deshawns family members and she’s saying he had nothing to do with the video, he wasn’t in the car, he didn’t film it or anything he just “reposted it” so they're trying to get her to send them the original video and what account the video came from

    2. The girl in the Tiktok has been confirmed to be Haley Grace Philips. Please do not spread false hope.