Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Murder of Amber Berbiglia

Amber Berbiglia was only 23 years old when she was savagely murdered in the broad daylight on May 3rd, 2013. That afternoon, Amber was seen running errands downtown near her Myrtle Beach, South Carolina home. Footage from surveillance cameras captured her paying her cable bill around 1:30 PM. 

Approximately two hours later, Amber’s body was found a mile away under a freeway overpass. She was found lying by her car with the engine still running. Her phone was still receiving calls and texts just inches away from her fingertips. Due to the severity of Amber’s injuries, police initially thought that she had been shot in the head. However, an autopsy revealed that Amber had been brutally beaten to death.

The overpass where Amber was found. (WMBF)

Amber’s murder appears to be completely random. Those closest to her were inevitably interviewed by investigators, but all were cleared of suspicion. In fact, the first-person investigators looked at, Amber’s fiancĂ©, was not even in the country at the time the murder occurred. Amber was also not involved in any criminal activity and was not doing anything illegal at the time of her death. She had no known enemies and her friends and family cannot think of anybody who would want her dead.

Once investigators determined that Amber’s killer was likely not amongst her inner circle, they had to look elsewhere for a suspect. Investigators then began to pull surveillance footage from the day she was murdered to see if a suspect had been caught on camera. According to Amber’s sister, police identified and interviewed one person who was spotted in the same place as Amber that day, but that person was ultimately cleared. 

However, there are other videos from unspecified places that show Amber with two unidentified men. Amber’s sister explained what investigators found to reporters, stating, “so [the cameras] have her in the car that day running her errands and she went off on the side street where there weren’t any cameras for like a half-hour is all. They lost her or something like that. And when she came back into camera view there was a dark figure in her passenger side they were never able to identify.” This footage is the last known footage of Amber before she was found murdered. The identity of the person(s) with Amber shortly before her death remain unknown to this day.

Investigators are appealing to the public for anyone with information about Amber’s death, or for anyone who remembers seeing Amber on May 3rd, 2013. If you have any information that could help, please contact Crime Stoppers of South Carolina at (800) CRIME-SC.

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