Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Murder of Alexus Watkins

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Alexus Watkins was 20 years-old when she was tragically murdered by her own younger brother, Kevon Watkins, on February 3rd, 2018. Alexus lived with her mother, Latoya Watkins, along with Kevon and another younger sibling at their home in Macon, Georgia. Kevon was 16 years-old at the time the murder took place. 

Kevon Watkins. (source: Macon PD)

Similar to many 16-year-olds, Kevon enjoyed playing online video games. In fact, on the day of the murder, Kevon changed the password to the family's Wi-Fi connection in an attempt to block his siblings and mother from slowing down the Internet while he played video games. Kevon's younger sibling told Latoya that Kevon had changed the password, and as a result, Latoya unplugged the Wi-Fi router altogether and took it into her bedroom. This angered Kevon, so he entered Latoya's bedroom to confront her. 

According to Latoya, it appeared that Kevon was about to hit her - which is when Alexus intervened. Alexus ran into the room and grabbed her brother, and that point, he began to take out his anger on his sister rather than his mother. A struggle ensued between the two, but according to Latoya, it did not seem like a serious fight at first. 

Then, Kevon began to choke Alexus. Both their younger sibling and Latoya attempted to pull Kevon off Alexus to no avail. Eventually, Latoya called the police. Paramedics attempted to revive Alexus once they arrived, but unfortunately it was too late. She died at the hospital just a few hours later. 

Kevon was arrested on the scene and charged as an adult with murder. During the summer of 2019, he waived his right to a jury trial and opted to have a judge hear his testimony instead. His defense attorneys argued that he did not intend to kill Alexus, however the prosecutors argued that he did intentionally choose to put her in a chokehold which resulted in her death.

The judge ultimately found Kevon guilty of the murder charges. In August 2019, he was sentenced to life in prison. He remains behind bars today.

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