Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Disappearance of Kimberly Orellana

Kimberly Orellana was only 12 years old when she vanished on August 9th, 2012. The young girl was traveling amongst a group of undocumented immigrants who had just crossed the US/Mexico border. The group was walking along Highway 281 en route to Houston, Texas. As they walked along the highway between Falfurrias and McAllen, Texas, Kimberly grew exhausted and was unable to continue walking. The group left her behind, and she was never seen or heard from again. Her parents, who were already in Houston, reported her missing after the group arrived without her.

Immigrant activist Livio Danna joined in the search for Kimberly shortly after she was reported missing. A few weeks after she disappeared, Danna provided some details about Kimberly’s state of mind the day she vanished: “She was traveling with people. She started to feel uncomfortable, upset and tired and then she just stopped at that point.” It is unclear how Danna got this specific information. There is no public information about the identities of the people Kimberly was traveling with, but it appears likely that at least one of them provided details to Danna (or somebody) about Kimberly’s disappearance. Despite this, it is still unknown if the group looked for her after she left them, or why they ultimately decided to leave the 12 year-old girl behind.

There are very few other details about Kimberly’s case and she remains missing today. The above picture on the right resembles what she may look like today. If you have any information that could help locate her, please call 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST).

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