Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Disappearance of Cindy Valle

15 year-old Cindy Valle was five months pregnant when she mysteriously disappeared from her family’s home in Omaha, Nebraska on August 26th, 2011. Shortly after she vanished, Cindy’s family found a note that she had left under her pillow; it said “I’m living with a lady.” That note is the last known trace of Cindy—she has not been seen or heard from again after that.

Authorities classified Cindy as a runaway from the get-go, but they still appealed to the public looking for tips. According to Cindy’s mother, no tips ever came in concerning her daughter’s whereabouts. Cindy’s baby was due in December 2011, however there is currently no known record of that child being born.

Cindy’s disappearance remains unresolved. If you have any information about Cindy/her whereabouts, please report it to Omaha Crime Stoppers here.

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