Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Murder of Stacy Dillon

Stacy Dillon was only 22 years-old when he was found murdered inside his mother's Cleveland, Tennessee home on March 17th, 1991. Stacy's mother Judy Dillon had gotten knee surgery in the weeks before Stacy's death, and she was bedridden as a result. Stacy had been taking care of his mother during her recovery, but just days before Stacy was murdered, Judy decided to stay with a friend for the weekend in order to give her son a break from being her caretaker. On the evening of March 17th, 1991, Judy's friend drove her back home. When they arrived, Judy's friend knocked on the door to see if Stacy could help bring Judy back into the house. His knocks went unanswered, so he decided to use the spare key to get inside. Upon opening the door, he discovered something horrific: Stacy was dead on the hallway floor. He had suffered a single bullet wound to the cheek. The family's landline phone was found just inches away from Stacy's body.

Police were immediately called, and it did not take long for Stacy's death to be ruled a homicide. Despite this ruling, there were still many unanswered questions. A murder weapon was never found, and the medical examiner never conducted an autopsy on Stacy's body. Investigators did have a few leads, though. It was learned that Stacy was on the phone shortly before his death, hence the phone found inches away from Stacy's body. It was later revealed that Stacy was on the phone with a friend named Jeff Brewer. He reportedly told Jeff that he was "worried about something and needed advice." However, before Stacy could elaborate, a car pulled into the driveway of Stacy's home. Not much else has been revealed about what Jeff might have potentially heard during the phone call, and Jeff has since passed away. 

The case went cold seemingly fast. Police took another look at it during the early 2000s, but nothing ever came of it. Judy Dillon stated that she eventually came to acceptance with the fact that her son's case remained unsolved; she felt the police had botched the investigation. It would be years before the case would finally be reignited. 

Judy Dillon (right) and a picture of Stacy (timesfreepress)

Finally, in 2011, the case was re-opened with a new team of detectives. From that investigation, it was revealed that Stacy reportedly "had to keep parts of his life a secret from his extremely conservative hometown." In fact, investigators stated that they believe Stacy's murder was personal--potentially committed by a male with whom Stacy was in a relationship. There was no sign of forced entry at the Dillon home, which suggests that Stacy was killed by a person he knew. 

This theory was also investigated in the initial stages of the case, particularly the aspect that Stacy might have been involved in a secret relationship with a male--but Judy Dillon denied--and still denies--that her son was gay. This theory was revisited when Stacy's case was re-opened in 2011. Investigators were also able to identify a person of interest...he happened to be the same person of interest who had been questioned by police 20 years earlier. Said person has never been publicly identified.

Detectives working the case after it was re-opened also noted that there was mention of a confidential informant named 'Becky' in the previous files on Stacy's murder. 'Becky' reportedly saw one of the suspects on the night of the murder. At this time, the new investigators are unaware of Becky's true identity, but they are hoping to identify her and speak with her. 

Stacy's murder remains unsolved today. The Cleveland, Tennessee Police Department is investigating. If you have any information about the case, please contact investigators at (423) 476-7511.


  1. I'm British and where I'm from the police are able to hold a suspect in relation to a crime for 24 hours before release. Aren't you able to bring in that Robert Houston 3rd on charges pertaining to the murder of poor Stacey. That guy who said he saw the gun ... I think if you push him a bit harder he will tell you guys more.... He's on the verge of telling you everything and it's obvious it's eating away at the guy... Please please push this case more and get justice for Stacey and his mum. Please please 😓😔

    1. His mother definitely deserves justice. She was a best friend of my grandparents and was like an extra grandma to me. We had lunch a month or so ago and she has come to terms she may pass away without ever knowing...but I hope she doesnt.

    2. This whole thing seems like a conspiracy because every one of the men are covering for each other, it is obvious they are. But watch the face of the brown coat guy, he tries to hide emotions just before he lies about not remembering.

      This was premeditated by more than one person. They wouldn't cover for each other if it wasn't.

      From what I see, brown coat guy was the boyfriend of Robert Houston because of his quick emotions when asked about Stacy.

      How did the person know his mother wasn't there that night? They waited until his mother was gone, so it was premeditation and they all know where the gun is, they aren't going to give it up.

      Brown coat guy, involved. It is obvious. And they have a woman named Becky that they can't find? They are hiding her identity also. Definitely a conspiracy.

      I can see this as the scenario, Stacy and Robert were not the only gay men in Cleveland, and Stacy knew who they were. Brown coat guy was involved with Robert. They were afraid Stacy would out all of the men, so they conspired to get rid of him.

      The shooter went there when his mother wasn't there, and carried the gun in. Someone gave him the gun, he then gave the gun to someone else to get rid of it, and it is probably in some river now.

      They were in and out of the house very quickly. There was more than one who went. And it was someone who the neighbors would not have questioned why their car would be there.

      Maybe someone in your town needs to tell the police that this was a conspiracy and brown coat guy was involved. From where I sit, watching this man's face, he was showing emotions that he couldn't fully hide. That means he knows. And if he was supposed to be Robert's best friend, he is covering for Robert. That only leads to one conclusion, Robert and brown coat guy know who did it.

    3. Is there a documentary on this case or something? Cause I didn't really follow your comment just with this article as the only source of information I've read. I'd be interested in learning more about this case.

    4. Dionysia - I think Kara Moore was talking about an episode on the program Cold Justice - season 3 episode 14. And after reading her theory about who was gay and especially thinking back to the early 90's, she is probably right. I need to back and watch the episode again and see where Kelly and Yolanda got theinformation that Stacy and Robert were in a relationship. Maybe the cold case investigators, should look deeper too.

    5. At the time of Stacys death our chief of police was facing 23 criminal him self. He was partial to the killer. Robert Houston was his name. A dective with the department told me they got the guy the night we found Stacy. He told me he pleaded with the chief to let him have and he would pressure him. Chief refused and let him go and before daybreak this guy hired an attorney. Sacy was absolutly a fine young man never gave me any trouble. Its been 31 years now and it doesn't go away.

    6. STACY WAS NOT GAY. HE HAD THE SAME GIRLFRIEND THE LAST YEAR OF HIS LIFE. That was the killers tale. This way he protected himself. The thug is walking free today.

  2. That was Becky for sure but they gave her two outs and she took them , they should not have asked if she remembers, instead they should have told her know what they know about her