Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Disappearance of Melvia Roarx

Melvia Roarx vanished at the age of 28 on June 4th, 2013. She left her Horse Branch, Kentucky home that day to go to a convenience store to buy drinks and cigarettes. Surveillance cameras captured Melvia arriving at the store, making purchases, and then leaving. Her car was headed in the direction of her home when she left the store, but unfortunately she never made it home. Melvia has never been seen or heard from again. 

Melvia’s car was later found 80 miles away, at a gas station in Bullitt County, Kentucky. There was no sign of her at the scene, and her family members cannot think of a reason that Melvia would drive there. However, they did notice that the car’s driver seat was pushed all the way back--indicating that somebody other than Melvia drove the car last. 

Melvia left behind four children, which is uncharacteristic of her. Her family members do not believe she is missing on her own accord. The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. If you have any information that could lead to Melvia’s whereabouts, please contact 270-259-3024. 

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  1. This is my sister still nothing till this day and nobody will even call and keep me in the loop when I call the cops they never call back or give me crap answers.

    1. I'm so sorry that you are going through this. I think this case is very suspicious and it's a shame to hear that the police are not keeping you up-to-date. I'm glad to be putting Melvia's case out there so more people can be aware. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.

    2. I think I remember going to school with melvia(I thought she had us call her Pam) I can't imagine what you or her children has went thru and still go thru not knowing is there any way to get this case into the hands of another agency willing to put the effort in to solving it

  2. I am very saddened and confused by this case. I saw a screenshot on a YouTube video someone made for her that they found blood on the steering wheel yet I don't see that in any news or police reports.. News reports state that nothing suspicious was found. Anyone know the truth?

  3. It seems like the gas station her van was left at would have surveillance and camera who was driving it

  4. What about the father's girlfriend at the time was she ever looked at? It is said that she (Mandy) had made the statement more than once "I could make you go missing,you wouldn't be the first" and that makes me wonder.....


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