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The Disappearance and Murder of Shirley Skeek

Source: Juneau Empire

Shirley Skeek was reported missing on January 2nd, 2019. The then-27-year-old was last seen alive in Anchorage, Alaska. Shirley last spoke to her family members in December 2018. Said family members contacted police after days passed without any contact from Shirley.

According to Shirley's sister, Amy Skeek, Shirley had a schizophrenia diagnosis, and she moved to Anchorage from Juneau so she could have access to an assisted living facility. Amy said that she did not want Shirley to go to Anchorage - as it is over 800 miles away - but they were unable to find a place for her at an assisted living facility in Juneau. Shirley often kept in touch with her family members in both Juneau and Kake. As such, her loved ones grew concerned when she abruptly fell out of contact. 

There are very few details available about the exact circumstances surrounding Shirley's disappearance. Justice for Native People states that she was last seen "getting into a black truck outside Bean's Cafe in December of 2018." Other than that, though, very little information has been revealed to the public. 

Months later, on May 27th, 2019, partial human remains were found on the side of Seward Highway near the Hope Cut-Off. It took months, but in December 2019, dental records confirmed that the remains were that of Shirley Skeek. She had been a victim of homicide.

Shirley's murder is one of several tragedies that the Skeek family has faced over several years. In 2016, Shirley's sister-in-law, Linda Skeek, also vanished. Shirley's brother, Thomas, was charged with her murder. Thomas was eventually acquitted by the jury; however, many members of the public still believe he is guilty. Linda still remains missing today.

Amy Skeek explained that, after Linda's disappearance, a string of tragedies in the family continued to occur. Amy told reporters, "After that, not even a month after that, my grandma had passed away.  Then, my mom passed away under a bridge here in Juneau. She had a heart attack. Then, my brother, Arnold, drowned in Auke Bay. Then, my dad passed away. It’s just been really tough for my family."

Shirley's remaining family members are still hoping to find justice for Shirley. If you have any information that could help the investigation, please contact authorities at (907) 269-5611 or submit a tip online.

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