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The Disappearance and Murder of Jerome Baker III

source: missingleads.com

May 15th, 2016 was supposed to be a fun day for 28-year-old Jerome Baker III and his six children. That day, Jerome planned to take his children to Six Flags in Eureka, Missouri. Before they could leave for their trip to the amusement park, Jerome seemingly vanished from his home in St. Louis. He was never seen alive by his loved ones again. 

According to reports, a woman that Jerome was dating planned to join him and his children on the trip to Six Flags. The couple spent the morning at Jerome's residence, preparing for their day at the park. Then, around 10:00 AM, the woman borrowed Jerome's car, bringing one of his kids with her, to go pick up her own children for the trip. 

After the woman left, Jerome called his best friend to ask if he could borrow his car to drive the rest of the children to Six Flags. His friend agreed, and subsequently drove over to Jerome's house so he could use the vehicle. When his friend arrived, approximately 11 minutes after their phone call ended, Jerome was nowhere to be found. 

Most of Jerome's personal items, including his wallet, jacket, and extra cash were left behind. The only item that vanished with him was his cell phone - but all calls and texts to the phone went unanswered. Jerome's mother was alerted about her son's sudden absence, and as such, she went to his house to investigate. Once there, Jerome's mother noticed that there were drag marks in the dirt in her son's backyard. 

Jerome was reported missing to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police. Unfortunately, the police's investigation did not yield any clues to Jerome's whereabouts. Months later, in October 2016, a utility worker found a human skull in a vacant dump site on Bircher Boulevard and Riverview Boulevard. The skull was later identified as that of Jerome Baker III. His remains were found an approximate 10-minutes' drive from his home. Jerome's death was classified as a homicide.

It's been reported that Jerome's mother has pleaded with police several times to take more action in her son's case. In fact, after Jerome vanished, his mother reportedly made "pleas to have her son’s phone pinged, with law enforcement initially giving her the runaround. When they finally acted, a chilling revelation emerged – a 911 call made on the day of Jerome’s disappearance captured him fighting for his life against multiple assailants."

Despite this information, there have been no arrests for Jerome's murder. No suspects or persons of interest have ever been publicly identified. The case remains unsolved, and Jerome's loved ones are left without answers. 

If you any information that could lead to the arrest of Jerome's killer(s), please contact St. Louis Police Department at (314) 444-5738.

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