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The Murder of Ralisha Alexander

source: Henrico County Police

Ralisha Alexander was brutally murdered inside her own home on October 21st, 2007. The 26-year-old woman lived in Henrico County, Virginia at the time of her death. She had a young daughter and was close with her family members. 

Ralisha last spoke with her family members the morning before she was murdered. Around 6:00 PM that evening, Ralisha's family members went to her residence at the Essex Village apartment complex in the 100 block of Englewood Drive. Once Ralisha's family members entered her apartment, they made a tragic discovery: Ralisha was deceased, and it was clear that her death was not an accident.

Initial reports about the case stated that Ralisha's body had obvious signs of trauma. Henrico Police later confirmed that Ralisha had died from multiple stab wounds. Her death was subsequently classified as a murder. 

To this day, Ralisha's murder remains unsolved. There has been very minimal reporting on her case, and very few details about the investigation are known. It is unknown if there are any suspects or persons of interest. 

Comments on various online memorials for Ralisha indicate that she was loved by many and is dearly missed. However, there are otherwise little to no postings about Ralisha's murder. Henrico Police have labeled the investigation as a cold case.

If you have any information that could help solve Ralisha's case, please submit a tip or contact the Henrico County Police at

Henrico County Cold Case Division
March Funeral Homes
Richmond Times-Dispatch, (2)

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