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The Disappearance of Amanda Grazewski


source: Boston 25 News

Amanda Grazewski has been missing since March 2020. The then-23-year-old was last seen in Derry, New Hampshire. At the time of her disappearance, Amanda was staying at a residence on Birch Street. Reports state that Amanda seemingly vanished from the residence overnight. She has never been seen or heard from again.

Amanda had struggled with drug addiction since she was a teenager. Due to this, Amanda's mother had custody of her young daughter. Reports indicate that Amanda tended to live a more transient lifestyle, but she never went more than a week without getting in touch with someone. According to family and friends, Amanda seemed to be doing better in early March 2020, which made her disappearance all the more baffling. 

The circumstances surrounding Amanda's disappearance are quite suspicious. It's reported that Amanda arrived at the residence in Birch Street with three or four other people on March 17th, 2020. She had a bag of clothes with her, in addition to her purse, phone, and other personal belongings. However, Amanda left all of those items behind when she reportedly left the residence in the middle of the night. Her fate since that night remains a mystery to this day. 


Initial clues: the Social Security Card.

At first, it seems that there were a few clues for police to work with in Amanda's case. Nine days after her disappearance, Amanda's Social Security card was found on the ground outside of Elliot Hospital in Manchester, New Hampshire. The hospital is located approximately two miles away from Derry Street - where Amanda was last seen. 

However, there are no reports of Amanda checking into the hospital after March 17th, 2020, nor are there reports of anyone seeing her at that location. It's possible that the Social Security card was accidentally dropped there - but it's unclear if it was dropped by Amanda herself, or if someone else had the card in their possession. 

Other potential locations. 

According to reports, Amanda frequented several different areas in New Hampshire, including Manchester, Nashua, Hooksett, and Salem. Amanda's mother stated that Amanda struggled with homelessness at certain times. It could be theorized that Amanda was living homeless in one of these areas, but it does not appear that there have been any sightings of her at any location. 

It's also unknown how Amanda would have been able to travel to different areas. She did not have access to a vehicle. It does not appear that there are any records of her taking a cab/rideshare or any forms of public transportation. 

Additionally, Amanda's mother stated that it's uncharacteristic of Amanda to stay out-of-touch for more than a week. Due to this, it seems even more suspicious that Amanda left her cell phone behind at the residence in Derry. It also seems unlikely that she would not try to find a way to contact her loved ones. 

The cell phone and laptop.

Police looked at Amanda's cell phone for potential clues as well. Reports state that there were messages sent to an unknown person about Amanda wanting to move to Salem. When investigators attempted to trace the phone number, they found that it was from an untraceable prepaid phone. 

Amanda's mother told reporters that other people inside the Birch Street residence were using Amanda's cell phone before it seized by investigators. She also said that Amanda had a laptop at the time of her disappearance that has never been recovered. This inevitably raises even more suspicions about the people Amanda was with prior to vanishing. 

Amanda's friends and associations.

Detectives stated that they have spent several hours conducting interviews and investigating those who were friends and/or acquaintances of Amanda's at the time of her disappearance. However, no persons of interest or suspects have ever been publicly announced. 

As previously noted, Amanda struggled with drug addiction and at times, homelessness. There's also been some online speculation that Amanda was involved with a known drug dealer in the area, but it's unclear if this has ever been confirmed. If true, it's possible that this plays a role in her disappearance.

In 2021, The Vanished Podcast covered Amanda's disappearance. During the episode, it was revealed that Amanda was involved in prostitution. This leads to even further questions: was Amanda harmed by a client? Or does trafficking play a role in her disappearance? 

A friend of Amanda's spoke on the podcast episode. She stated that someone heard a girl screaming "HELP" around the time Amanda disappeared. This feeds into the most prominent theory: that the people inside the Birch Street home know what happened to Amanda. 

Some have speculated that Amanda was harmed by someone inside the house. Others believe that Amanda overdosed at the residence, and then her body was hidden. Police have revealed very little details about their investigation, so it's unclear if they have a prevailing theory at this time.

Where the case stands today.

Amanda remains missing today. Her loved ones hope to find answers.


There's is a monetary reward available for anyone with information that could solve Amanda's case. If you have any information that could help the investigation, please contact the Derry, New Hampshire Police at 603-432-6111.

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